Natural birth encouragement – pain and joy

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The natural birth/water birth experience of our first baby. Read my blog about it here:

She was born healthy at 7 lbs, 13 oz and 22 inches.

This was filmed as a memory for Matt and I, but we also want to empower women out there who are nervous about giving birth outside of a hospital. I thought about natural birth vs epidural and watched countless videos during my pregnancy. But I decided that having a water birth at a birthing center, instead a home birth, was best for me.

This is a collection of scenes, quotes and thoughts. I was very blessed to have amazing support throughout labor. It was the biggest challenge of my life, the greatest joy, and so worth going through it naturally. Giving birth this way is what we are designed to do.

Thanks to the Carolina Community Maternity Center ( and our midwife Lisa Johnson. Special thanks to her assistant midwife, Suzy, you were amazing!

The song used is called “Love Theme” and is used with permission by the artist, Peter Benisch. Thank you!


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Zora Fiora says:

Am pregnant for the first time and in 5th month, I feel reaaaally scary
when I think about accouchement aaaeeeyyyyyy!!!! but after watching this
beautiful video I congratulate u for ur big courage, what a great and
beautiful moment of holding ur baby for the first time <3

TiFFerzZehNiNjA says:

People are stupid. The baby will not drown as long as the cord isn’t cut. 

Gabriella Rawson says:

For everyone thinking the baby will drown, it wont

Ellie B says:

Im thinking of giving natural home birth does it hurt?

TheMzpooh915 says:

Thank you so much for the uplifting video. I look forward to having a
natural birth experience. Your quotes gave me life. The birth of your baby
brought tears to my eyes… pregnancy hormones :-)

Chugahontas says:

How were yuu so quite & calm?…
You did an amazing job 😀
How long were you pushing for Tįl she finally came out?

Dancer4ever says:

we both have the same name!

sunshine shoes says:

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and have gained so much inspiration from
watching your video. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. What a truly
amazing person you are. You handled birth so well and have certainly given
me strength in my mind that I can do the same. I have been very fearful of
this part of the journey, but watching inspirational videos such as yours
is really helping me. Thank you so much.

Jennifer LaCasse says:

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful video. I am 14 weeks pregnant
and planning on a water birth. I worry about the pain, but seeing strong
mommas like you is so inspiring. Thank you again!

Florisa Tanpoco says:

thanks for posting this video. I am 32 weeks pregnant and want a water
birth. I seriously cried after watching your video because it just got real
for me. I am so afraid that I will not have the strength like you did. I am
inspired though and I will hope that my minor pregnancy complications will
not prevent me from a water birth. thanks again.

Danielle Harwood says:

Hey congratulations :)
Im 3 months pregnant,with our first and hopig for a water birth at home.
Watching this really encouraged me!
I still feel a bit cluless as the midwifes here dont seem to kind on the
homebirth side of it.
If you dont mind me asking what made you decide on a water birth?
Also how did your partner cope with it?


Carol Bustamante says:

This was so beautiful! I could feel your pain. I cried for you. I’ve had 3
hospital births, horrible but I have my three beautiful boys. I’m six
months pregnant and hoping to have a water birth. However, it’s not easy
finding a midwife here, they’re on high demand and have long waitlists. I’m
hopeful… I would love to experience having my baby at home with my
husband by my side. It would be so great to very shortly after introduce my
baby to our other kids and relax at home on my bed in the comfort of my
home. Wish me luck! I will need it! 

TiffandLane Hargroder says:

You are a rockstar! It’s people like you that give me the encouragement I
need to deliver my sweet baby natually. Thanks for this video! 

Vanessa Nunez says:

This was so life changing to watch. Glad I believe in natural.

PregnantAndPaleo says:

I am 4 months pregnant, and your courage and strength really inspires me!
I’m going to be having a natural birth as well (first child), and though it
seems scary, and I wonder if I’ll be able to do it, videos like this help
empower me! Thank you! 

davine holsey says:

Hi, I am considering water birth for my pregnancy and I am just so nervous
the video opened my eyes a lot about the ease of pain and contractions but
I do not want to drown my baby I’
m just crucially nervous

Fitness Gamer says:

How is this allowed on Youtube? What educational? This is kind of odd…..

kaegic7 says:

Beautiful and very inspiring, I am 7 weeks prego after thinking we would
never have another child, ask ours are teenagers and we were very surprised
by this little one so I decided to take advantage of such a amazing
blessing and do with this pregnancy and baby everything I wish I would have
with my other pregnancies and babies. First is water birth,and especially
since I Had to have an emergency surgery to remove my L5-S1 disc in my
lower back, I heard a water birth wounds be very helpful for that reason
alone but I have grown very fond of natural water birth and figured I’d my
native American Cherokee Ancestor great grandmothers and Auntys could give
natural birth than so could I! So I am going to go for it and pay all goes
well and I don’t need any pain meds!
Blessings and congrats on your new life!!!

thewooflingdiva says:

Wow this is really beautiful ❤❤❤❤ thank you for sharing

Tara Eveland says:

Awesome video! Great job! I also gave natural birth but I do not have local
access to a water birth facility. I do have a great midwife however!

brittany tims says:

You are so brave and so strong! This video brought me to tears! Definitely
going to learn a bit more about natural births. Thank you so much for

Jessica Poltz says:

Ariya is adorable

troll face says:

I was raped as a 15 year old at a party, and I turned 16 about a few months
later. I was pregnant and I decided to get a waterbirth. So relaxing :)

summer brunelle says:

WOW.. I’ll be coaching my daughter through a water birth very soon.. This
is an amazing video :)

Judith Kithcart says:

That was so magnificently, amazingly, beautiful. May God bless your baby!

Kelc Walker says:

hippies lol 

kiette says:

What a pretty baby! I am expecting my (dare I say it?) seventh child and I
am hoping to have a smooth, natural delivery on my own terms. I have had 2
c-sections followed by 4 VBACs– one induced for pre-eclampsia and the last
being pretty rough because I was given Stadol and wasn’t really aware of
what was going on (in an emergency situation– her placenta was low and her
head was sheering it off as she descended, so she needed to be pushed out
in a hurry… which I managed when I finally understood what was going on).
My natural births were actually easier because (a) C-sections have a
miserable recovery. (b) Induction is not fun. (c) It’s super important to
be alert to what’s going on. This latest baby is my boyfriend’s first, and
he’s very interested in a water birth, since he was born that way and has
heard good things about it from his mom. 

Key says:

So beautiful!! :’)

beautybyvic says:

You are so strong! I’m currently 36 weeks and 5 days. This is gonna be my
first child and I am planning to do a natural unmedicated birth too. I’m
not sure how I will handle the pain, and I’m afraid the pain will be
unbearable to the point I will want the epidural. Do you have any
suggestions on how you handled the pain? 

figsandcoffee says:

i cried the whole time! how beautiful! congratulations and thank you
thank you thank you thank you for sharing your experience. Two month
countdown for me right now. 

Nicole Grice says:

This made me cry. So beautiful. 

Jennifer Arndt says:

Great video! I am due any second with my first and am doing a water birth
as well!

kenneth alston says:

Natural birth encouragement – pain and joy:

Jada Pitts says:

That was beautiful. I seriously cried. I want to do natural childbirth but
I don’t think I have enough family support and I don’t know how to become
prepared for it. I really want to do this so long as I can embrace the pain
rather than fear it.

Molly Peck says:

Wow. I’ve been thinking about natural childbirth for a while now and have
not yet conceived. Your video has inspired me so much to keep believing
that natural childbirth is what’s best. I have zero tolerance for pain but
I would rather go through the worst of it so that I will appreciate my baby
more and be reassured that I am stronger than I think. The ending made me
cry. Thanks so much for documenting your birth – it means a lot!

Liz Torres says:

Im totally crying right now. A beautiful childbirth if I ever saw one. But
theres no way I would do that. Epidural all he way. Natural illnesses, and
natural accidents have hurt like crazy before, I dont want more natural

Alicia Johnson says:

So beautiful. I want a natural birth as well but I’m doing my best to
research as much as possible.

Bablu Zaki says:

God blesing this beba

Elva Banks says:

Your amazing! Loved The Quotes!!

ScarletB says:

Your husband/birth partner was so great and loving…what a beautiful
birth!! Im having my first at a birth center as well. Due in about 10

Nathalie Edwards-leroux says:

thank-you so much for sharing this. i’m also pregnant with my first and
planning a natural home water birth. this video gave me a lot of courage to
face what i have to do. 

Edgar Santoyo says:

Hi am prengant and am really scary having a baby am bearly 15 years old
does it hurt

Maryam Mazadi says:

Do you think it’s easier and less painful than giving birth in a hospital?

nothingtodo193 says:

I heard that water birth is not painful is’t true or not ? 

lydia montey says:

After the age of 40 is it too dangerous to give birth at home?

Antonio Valdez says:

This is such an inspiration

Violet Fehr says:

Awww! This made me cry and reminded me of my own experience of home water
birth with my second child. So much pain. I still remember what it feels
like two and a half years later! But it is all totally worth it!
Congratulations! Your daughter is very beautiful!

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