Natural Birth Control Methods – Having Safe and Healthy Sex

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Natural birth control methods – Discover what options are there for women in the form of contraception and avoiding pregnancy as well as healthy tips to avoid toxicity in relation to rubber condoms.

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hannah ransom says:

Coconut oil should NOT be used with condoms. Oil and oil based lubes
degrade condoms and render them less effective.

Kegals do not prevent pre-ejaculate. Pre-ejaculate happens regardless and
it helps alkalize the the urethra so that the sperm in the ejaculate
doesn’t die. Withdrawal is 96% effective, though, if practiced PERFECTLY.

The book you mentioned is ok, Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni
Weschler is better. Even better is taking a class with a certified
fertility awareness educator, since most books leave people with
misconceptions. If you actually learn from an instructor the method can be
over 99% effective. Also when practiced perfectly.

Nicole Burks says:

Pre-ejaculate ONLY contains sperm if he ejaculated earlier and didn’t
urinate afterwards which can lead to pregnancy. Pre-ejaculate is a self
lubricant which aids in letting semen pass easily through the penis. 

slashdemigod says:

This is utterly moronic! The withdrawal method is not effective, and
pre-ejaculate cannot be avoided, even with kegel excercises as is
suggested. Taking this man’s advice will likely result in unwanted
pregnancy, in which case you’re left with the decision of having an
abortion or raising a child. Furthermore, there was no mention of the risk
of catching STIs when not using condoms; some vague, unproven idea of
‘condom toxicity’ (yes, a small percent of people have a latex allergy
which can be fixed with non-latex condoms, but that’s as bad as this
‘toxicity’ rubbish gets) definitely does not trump the danger of
contracting HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc, which can have devastating
effects on health and fertility.

I’ve seen some of Tolman’s other videos, and it’s pretty clear to me that
this guy had neither the intelligence nor work ethic to dedicate himself to
a life of scientific study, such as that required to attain a medical
degree. While his ideas of living healthily, eating well, drinking lots of
water and getting regular exercise are fantastic (if not entirely
unoriginal), he is in no way qualified to make comments on diseases such as
MS, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Doctors undergo years and years of training,
even after graduating from medical school, so they can give safe and
practical advice on these issues. Telling someone to use coconut oil and
then pull out before ejaculating is not only outdated, but dangerous. Wake
up to yourself, Tolman, and maybe read a textbook on human physiology while
you’re at it.

Shane Bowen says:

Classic Tyler! Thank you for Boldly going where not many would with your
truth about Safe and Healthy Sex.

Gilberto Nino says:

Tylor woul you ever use neem stick capsuls for man intake,..? Thank you

Emma's House of Health says:

Thanks Tyler! Will be sharing this with my 16 and 18 year olds! Thanks

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