My Natural Childbirth – Part 2, Delivery

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Part 1 – Labor:
Part 3 – Aftermath:
Part 4 – Why so easy?

This is the story of my second natural childbirth. Watch my first natural childbirth here:

The MP3 I was listening to during labor. It’s called Childbirth in the Glory: If you are spiritually-inclined, I highly recommend it!

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Genevieve ,


marsha okhiria says:

Yes! I also believe that going on all fours will be better. With my two
girls I was on my back with my legs up to my face! I hate that position do
much. When I’m due to deliver my son, will demand the all fours position.
It looks a lot more comfortable. 

Kristina Sandnes says:

I remember when I was 12 years old and I was looking through YouTube and
ended up on a birth video… I had nightmares years after. I thought I was
scared for life. I am just glad I am fine today. 

alok segan says:

idk why it’s nice to watch your videos but I watch it

MrLilmar says:

So where does it come out? I’m 14.

Rebecca Riley says:

poor husbands.. trying to be supportive when all you want is for them to BE

Rasheeda Brown says:

I definitely will try the all 4’s method. On child number 5 but thinking
gravity will help me along even quicker. Thanks for sharing

Lucretciela says:

This was NOTHING like when I gave birth… Nothing. I can’t believe she was
able to smile, and talk normally into the camera. Am I the only one that
experienced total and utter pain during child birth? And my second child
was even worse than my first. 27 hours of labor and the last 7 of it was
one contraction after the other for hours and hours. I was able to do
nothing but moan, cry, and an occasional scream, along with the “don’t you
fucking touch me” every time my husband laid a finger on me. The only thing
I remember saying in between the contractions was, “please, please, pain
meds, epidural, anything, help…” And I don’t remember getting any sort of
relief from pushing, all I remember is simply not being able to push
anymore, I was completely out of energy, and the nurses were demanding that
I keep pushing, and all I could say was “please, just get it out, get it
out, I can’t do this, I can’t push anymore,” I was panicking at that point,
I truly thought I was going to die. Is this because I had 10 pound babies?
These women with such simple births, is it because they’re having 6 pound
babies? Why did I go through such hell? When the nurse hands this woman her
new born child, it’s as if she didn’t just give birth. When I was handed my
child I was shaking, I could hardly even reach over to hold my baby, I
couldn’t even speak, I was so out of it, I was DRAINED.

Jason Axford says:

0:21 I wouldn’t leave anything to chance… I’m going to make her wear a
seat belt. I bet it’s easy to be distracted by your wife screaming in
pain… let alone trying to do a video log. A fair bit of oversight there
if you ask me. Other people may have relaxed views about this but I don’t.
Seat belts save lives. I don’t care if she wants to sit in a comfortable

Briana Sands says:

I was watching Shane Dawson how did I get here???

Ahu Rega says:

I was born pink he was born purple

Craftmama says:

Totally thinked the car ride was the worst of my labors… the non moving
was the most pain. Most of my labors i couldnt lay down i almost competely
standed during the contracting, maybe that is why i only had a 3,5 hour on
my first and 3 hour on my second.. and only 2-3 push contractions with
both. So i feel lucky on the births…

Ericka Aguirre says:

Oh shittttt. That was amazing! I didn’t have a natural childbirth so kudos
to you! (:

Laura Chin says:

If I knew then what I know now I would have done my whole labor in the
tub. It was AMAZING how much it dulled the pain. I knew I was
contracting, but it just felt tight, not painful.

Sage Davis says:

“SHH don’t talk so loud.” “sorry” “Don’t touch me” ahahaha I laugh every

slimydick23 says:

To have a baby basically just fall out of you like that, I’m not trying to
be disrespectful, but you must have an abnormally big vag.

Bethany Leigh says:

Wow what a strong woman!!

Justcurious1029 says:

I loved when you said “Don’t talk so loud” LOL we’ve all been there.

holdem5180 says:

this vid was a waste of 25 seconds for me , next time film the good parts
please .. ty

Lexi L says:

Haha don’t talk, don’t touch. Laugh out loud. My mom gave birth last week
and I went to comfort her and she screamed at me. Hahahaha

Shah Nawaz says:

Really Amazing
can we make friendship brittsbreakdown

Veronica De Pasquale says:

omg, FTM here, I´m not sure I can do this!!!

Penylane relapsed says:

I just had my first baby two weeks ago, with 6 big pushes she was out! I
had no pain meds as it was to late and everyone says I had a very easy
birth but I have nothing to compare it to haha! 

LaNeshe M.W. says:

Hi! Do you have a post or video on preparing for natural childbirth?

saminathan sasikala says:

+MrLilmar wow srsly im 10 and I knew since I was 9…

Susana Heuer says:

thank you for sharing, a beautiful creation

Omar Escabar says:


Sweetpea Chickpea says:

Ooh don’t we know it’s not easy, you did well, mama!

Gabby D says:

You are pretty and don’t have your husband yell we are having a baby

กัณต์ สุข says:


Justin Humenik says:

I was the first and i was 2 hours faster than my younger brother

Hope Wiley says:

Soooo, I guess hoping for my first birth to go this easy is a bit much? I
still hope it does though. That was so cool.

Kaitlinn Calcaterra says:

Shes like dont talk to loud dont touch me lmao

Moe M. says:

Thanks for the upload. I LOVE the commentary. Lately we’ve been talking
about having a baby so watching this video sure makes things easier to
process. Most other videos we came across were for violent-looking wailing
ladies who sounded like they are dying. Seeing a woman go through this ON
HER OWN while being rational and in control the whole time certainly gives
us a new perspective. Thanks. 

Miranda Lopez says:

This was so inspiring!

Moon Creol says:

Seriously though I know how irrelevant this is but who looks that good
delivering a baby? haha

HugsN_Punches says:

“shhh dont talk so loud” fav part of the vid lol

lovee roses says:

i will never do a natural childbirth ths is not the 1800s why go through
even more pain makes no sense

sirwillsirwill says:


Kelz Yare says:

This reminded me of my last labour, except I had no noticable contractions
and literally just started feeling something was happening through
transition. I too felt as though my baby would arrive in my father’s car. I
had my mum with me at the time and was pushing for the last twocmiles of
the journey. Baby was crowning when I made it to the delivery suite. I had
not planned a natural birth (generally just see how I feel during) and I
ended up getting just that. I felt so proud of myself. Your videos are so
enlightening to the joys but still ordeal of a natural birth. I can also
empathise with that shock! X

Vio b says:

I decided not to have kids ever! Thank you guys! (I mean it, it’s awful
having, definitely not for me!). ;)

florin marghiolu says:

Esti ………….!》《

Jessica Halstead says:

That’s where I delivered my baby. In fact, that’s the same midwife that
delivered my son in December 2012! Small world! =)

Shar Berry says:

soo rude to your real birthing coach! Your husband! check Bradley’s! But
agree with the Pushing the best part! 

Adizatu Haruna says:

OMG, I’m Scared now.

lpsfun says:

this sounds painfull

Isabel Sifontes says:

Don’t touch me!

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