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Hey loves! Here is a list of 10 tips that helped me achieve a natural birth! Stay tuned for part 2! Enjoy!



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Elizabeth Ashe says:

I agree good stuff! I had three natural births with a midwife, It was a
pleasant experience. 

TellmeBeauty says:

swesome vid sis, cant wait for part 2!

AmbraIsLovely says:

Hiya!! VictoriousAm from Instagram. Thanks soo much for the video. I’ve
read Supernatural Childbirth and have been praying and believing God for a
supernatural childbirth :)

Sikethia Robinson says:

Hi!! Thanks for this video! I just made it to my 2nd trimester and
everything is going great so far! I definitely want to do natural birth.
Thanks for the tips! 

jaime ripka says:

Thank you for sharing!!

Im Fro Real says:

Hi Jessica! Its Imfroreal from Instagram just stopping by to say hi! These
are good tips and I agree. I had both my daughters with no epidural but I
did get the drug in the iv. I subbed to your channel, please stop by and
sub back when you get a chance:)

TellmeBeauty says:


V. Shireen says:

Lol at I don’t play that haha. I don’t have kids so I don’t know how it
feels, but I also feel that natural birth should be the norm. 

Mommy2RN says:

Did you read any specific books? I’m due April 8 with my 3rd and I truly
want to go natural this time.

Aisha Glenn-Bracey says:

I’m due in April with my first son and I want to go natural! thanks for the
motivation because all day long I get negativity about doing natural
childbirth because of my age and tolerance for pain. So glad I found these

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