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Today I’m sharing my experiences with giving birth to a baby without an epidural.

I did this twice — neither time by design. In both cases, the baby was coming too fast for me to have an epidural! There was nothing heroic at all, I simple had no choice!

Like any expecting mom, when I was pregnant, one of the biggest questions I was asking myself was “is giving birth painful.” Having been to this rodeo now 5 times, my honest answer now is YES. I found giving birth to be painful both without and with the epidural, so I decided to film two videos on this issue recounting my own personal experiences. The topic of today’s video is “how painful is natural childbirth?” Obviously every case is different and I’m only speaking about my own experiences here.

My first baby Hedley came VERY quickly! He was born 40 minutes after my water broke. My Mom was staying with us, and apparently I was very rude to her. I said something to her which I have never said (watch my video to see what!). With Beckett, my third child, same situation, not enough time. For more on my natural childbirth stories and what exactly hurt and when, watch my video! I have another video coming up soon on the epidural injection, so check that out as well for comparison!

Anyway, please share your childbirth stories as well as your views on pain medication during childbirth on because I would love to hear what you went through. Thanks so much for watching!

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korynnininm says:

I was a natural child. I was born at my grandma’s house. My midwife was my
moms, and my mom planed it from the beginning. So if you plan it from the
beginning I guess it works out better 

Alexandra Bennett says:

Hi, I love your videos, they’re so informative. I had my daughter almost 5
years ago and it was an amazing natural birth. Like you, I went into labour
very quickly and didn’t have time for pain relief except for gas and air.
The pain was a lot less than I was expecting from the beginning, and as I
was pushing the pain was even less. The most painful bit was when my
daughter’s head came out, but it only lasted briefly and within minutes of
that I was holding my daughter. I’m pregnant again now and am actually
looking forward to labour xxx

shehnaz777 says:

Hi cloud mom, I absolutely love your videos. I really really would like to
know how you have kept so fit even after 5 babies. I have 2 but after every
birth I have ended up retaining 5 kgs and the thought of getting more kids
makes me think of retaining another 10 kg and puts me off. I am not very
big but looks like all weight is around my tummy and bums, even though i
eat sensibly and exercise moderately. Please please do reply, thanks a lot.

Gardnerinthemaking says:

I loved my second birth way more and I went natural. I highly recommend
having a doula! She was amazing! My second labor was 4 hours long. The
transition was when my contractions slowed down and the pushing itself
wasn’t that bad and I felt more pressure then anything! The key to coping
for me was remaining calm and at peace during the whole process. With my
first birth, I was not prepared and I freaked out. After I had my first, I
had already decided what I wanted to do differently.

Again, I loved going natural and if I have more kids, I will go natural

Georgia Bolser says:

It’s so easy for women who have 2 hour childbirths to advocate natural
childbirth. I tried it and was in PAINFUL labor for 26 hours. It wasn’t
until I was completely dilated that I got an epidural because I COULD NOT
BREATH at all during transition and felt terrible anxiety and like I was
suffocating. Best decision of my life to get an epidural and thankfully,
the anesthesiologist was experienced enough and willing to do it for me at
that time. Every woman’s experience is different and every baby is
different. Do what is right for you and your body, whatever that may be. 

LunasHearthandHome says:

I have 3 kids, and I’m pregnant with my fourth right now. I had all three
naturally, and I’m going to have this one natural as well. My first
labor/delivery was a total of 8 hours, my second was 10 hours, and my third
lasted 15 hours! My last labor was by far the worst, I was dealing with the
pain fine, but the last two hours were just horrible, I was losing my
strength,my emotions were all over the place so I wasn’t concentrating
during the contractions which to me, made them a lot worse!

Sara Dayan says:

I have extremely fast labors (3) none more then 2 hours . I prefer natural
labor but I feel I someone is in labor for 2 days and no progress grab
medication. But I hate people u walk in with a mind set I’m taking an
epideral try it out first see .,

karle216 says:

I recently have birth to my first baby naturally . It was a long labor
about twenty hours start to finish . I took a BlissBorn hypnosis class
early in my pregnancy and had plenty of time to practice the hypnosis CDs
and study the book provided by the class. I used my iPod throughout the
contractions and it did really help keep me focused. It wasn’t a painless
experience but I never screamed or let the contractions take over me
emotionally. It could certainly happen if you panic !

kabrina porter says:

Thank you for this video!! i am having a baby girl (her name is Olivia) in
January and i wasn’t sure how i wanted the birthing process to go. every
time i think about having a natural birth i automatically think of the pain
that goes along with it. this video has calmed my nerves a lot!! it has
given me a different opinion on natural childbirth. thank you so much!!

Katie Halpin says:

I’ve never had a baby but for me, the thought of pain is less scary than
having a needle put into my vertabra

Greatusername44 says:

For my next baby I’m hoping it’ll be a lot smoother because i really want
to have a natural childbirth experience.

Greatusername44 says:

I wanted to have a natural child birth form the moment I found out I was
pregnant but as a first time mom I had no idea what I was in for. I was in
pre-labor for about 3 days and the I had to be induced cuz my daughters
heartbeat kept doing down with every somewhat real contraction. My cervix
took FOREVERRRRR to dilate. I felt like I was dying and when the midwife
check me I was only 4 cms -,- that was when I broke down and I couldn’t
take it anymore. I asked for an epidural and it was amazing!

Acinomnieves3 says:

I was induced with an epi with my first and a natural home birth with my
second.getting induced was way more painful and uncomfortable than my
natural birth.I could move around and get massaged by my husband during hurt! But I felt it coming on,I got to move which helped
reduce the pain.pushing like you said was not that painful! Just tough like
a hard workout!

AmaindeJH says:

Induced with first due to high BP, natural labor with second. Epidural with
both but much later with second than first. I loved having the epi. Both my
manors were long. I as able yo rest before pushing which was great! I could
still feel what I need to feel through the medication so I don’t think I
lost anything, plus I pushed 5 minutes with the first and seven with the
second. Thanks to the epidurals :).

StellaGracesMommy says:

My 1st was a 23hr labor with epidural (which I think slowed the process),
my 2nd was an induction without an epidural. Going through the stages of
labor without pain meds was the most intense pain ever but I oddly felt
empowered & strong by my body’s ability to cope (it’s your mind that’ll get
ya). In the end, the actual labor with and without an epidural was the
exact same amount of pain. I will add that without the epidural, pushes
felt good & relieving.

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