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BelledelaGroove says:

My fiancé walks in and asks……..’ ……..why are you
watching………this…honey’…..I just smiled : ) ……….his face

Iftimie Catalin says:

Not to cells and a miracle. The is no miracle in reproduction. We figured
it out, you know…

Travis Rabble says:

Women should feel guilty about shitting out babies when there are so many
orphans in the world, they think their spawn is superior to those orphans,
they are disgraceful selfish nazis.

Nagisa Furukawa says:

Wonder how safe home births are.

Brent and Irene Hope to Adopt says:

We are hoping to grow our family through adoption. If you or someone you
know is considering adoption, please contact us at 317-224-7864.

CoMaLi says:

I find it kind of strange to have so many people present in delivery.
Husband? Of course. Mother(in law) and sister? N E V E R !!! o.O 

jhonboy says:

if we thinks somtim of dis nature…SPEACHLESS….

Anthony L says:

27:30 you kinda feel sexy?? My wife is just about 39 weeks right now and
she said she feels and looks like an egg on toothpicks sooo….Oh and the
Niki Minaj doctor talks like someone is plucking her nose hairs all the

teahook98 says:

Iv’e never had a kid nor will i for a very long time but I feel like giving
birth is very very painful but I guess like when you finally have your baby
in your arms you forget all about how bad it was and just how happy you

Mary Beatrice says:

I cried ,so cute when this babies go out

Noelle Waren says:

Okay…I’ll admit it, I cried when the two babies were born lol! Everytime
I watch a birth it makes me cry haha

Volvo Twinturbo says:

this is bullshit!

Nish Kanazawa says:

The Doctor looks like Nicky Minaj. Just Saying.

Majesstica Mitchell says:

Im 13 Weeks and cant wait to see my baby.

Chelsey Thompson says:

I understand how difficult it can be to play the waiting game for your new
little bundle of joy. My first son was two days late and my daughter didn’t
show any sign of coming until I went into labor. It can be soooo
frustrating. One thing that I read that helped me get through the waiting
was this book my friend recommended to me called “87 Ways to Induce Labor.”
Some of them are really funny and do not make any sense to try, but they
sure got me laughing such as the one that suggests knocking on your belly
to convince the baby to come out. But most of them are actually great
ideas. The one that seemed to work the best for me was to do a lot of
walking. If you are interested in trying out a few of the ideas or just
need something to pass the time, check out this book!

mrs kathleen gust says:

All that in-between belly rubbing made me sick!

iambackwithabang says:

i am almost 19 weeks pregnant….i cant wait to hold my baby in my
arms….i cried on seeing the delivery at the end of the video….such a
beautiful miracle…

brittany taylor says:

have to watch this in school…

Ibukun Ruth says:

Really cute baby at the end

Kez P says:

Wow! God’s creation is so amazing and complex
It’s amazing how it all works

getfitwithkatelyn says:

I’m 32 weeks =) 

LoveAndSnapple says:

Oh my god….was NOT expecting that crotch shot at the end….WOAH…..had
to shake that off for a bit…

Brittany Jones says:

This is beautiful! I’m 5 months and now I’m really terrified to give birth

tbaby731 says:

Really enjoyed this documentary! Very informative and easy to understand.
I’m pregnant with my second child (24 weeks) and this video just made me
very grateful and amazed at the journey.

Shattered Soni says:

I loved this everytime I watched this!! Woow!! 

sarah affi wayo says:

Thanks be to God, He is wonderful.

fuckuandurfakecrew3 says:

36 weeks pregnant! 37 on Monday.

Amy Jay says:

just about 4 weeks,so excited all I’ve been watching is pregnancy

DBargie says:

32 weeks pregnant with my 4th. Had a normal delivery (with epidural &
pit.) with my first 23 1/2 hours, 4 1/2 of pushing and a stage 4
episiotomy. A c-section with my second after the epidural stopped my labor
from progressing. A VBAC, no drugs with my third I only knew I was in
labor for about 4 hours, 9 minutes of pushing, only superficial tearing.
Hopefully my fourth follows the third for a quick and easy go at it, I’ll
be trying another VBAC with no drugs since that seems to do it best for me.
Remember ladies, it hurts, but it’s worth it in the end. You are stronger
than your contractions, the only advice I really remember using is tuck
your chin when pushing (popped a blood vessel in my eye with my first not
tucking), breathe down between contractions (humming helps), pushing when
you are supposed to actually makes it feel better, when you are in between
a rock and a hard place (pushing contractions and ring of fire) grit your
teeth and go for it, it’ll all be over soon. Other than that, labor sucks,
I’m not looking forward to it, but I know what’s coming and hopefully
everything goes well. Good luck to all expectant mommies.


I think I am pregnant i am 10 years old and I think i drank the milk mans
sperm in the the milk, my mum said it was off but I didn’t believe her and
I drank i

John Mueller says:

GOD is NOT REAL & UNwantend pregnancies R bad 4 OUR society-SO don’t join
the welfare line: ABORT NOW.

There Will Be No Economic Recovery

abortion: 16 grams of both VITAMIN C/L-TRYPTOPHAN & CHICORY ROOT p/day,
15-20 days

When Faith in God will kill you

GOOGLE: Fetuses Can’t Feel Pain Until 24 Weeks

galerouth blogspot com

Jennifer Mora says:

I have four more months and I’ll have baby #2 :) 

shabeer shabeer says:

God is very very … great . Very very Thanks to diz vdo

Michaela Wik says:

I thought I was going to out of my head when they started rubbing the baby
with the towel after he was born … can you imagine how that must feel to
the baby that just spent 9 months in a gentle watery environment of the
uterus? It must feel like sandpaper. Ugh.

How to get rid of cellulite fast says:

he is so cute

Brenda Gonzalez says:

Im 31 weeks♡ 

Ery Shay says:

God!!!! I’m In The Week Number 3!!!! 3

HerpDerp556 says:

I wanna have a baby someday..but im way too afraid to die in childbirth :/

veronique auclair says:

Am I the only one who cried at the end when theyre born?!so beautiful

Ben Rodgers says:

Unnecessarily creating life, and therefore suffering, is irresponsible and

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