Child birth Çocuk Doğumu

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pingopong says:

man helps shark give birth brought me here! omg what am i watching!

Chloe Retief says:

Never having kids full stop.

Amy Light says:

I never had children and have been feeling sad and empty about it. Watching
this video made me glad I didn’t! 😉 but the ending is nice, and your
immediate love for the baby was awesome and made me emotional again! :)

Jessie Harris says:

is that going to happen to me?

이민수 이민수 says:

아프겠네 엄마 속석이지 말구말잘들자

Connor Little says:

I bet it’s painful

Emily Fowler says:

Congrats ♥!! 

Leyla The Türk says:

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