Amazing childbirth in African Jungle

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RAINbowLollipopzzz says:

Holy shit she didn’t even scream, I guess all te other women must be wusses

Inviolatha pauline says:

I wonder why some of you have to think of Africa that way.Pliz save money
go visit.They are humans just like you plus those are some of the primitive
societies that are still in existence.DUH 

axado isniino says:

I am proud of our African mothers. Very strong women. God bless all mothers
around the world 

Claire Cardwell says:

this is not disgusting. it is a beautiful representation of natural
childbirth, the way it is supposed to be.

Evelyn Gould says:

Shame on you!!!.. she did the best with what she had! She did a beautiful
job…. how dare you have an opinion about that…I pity you and praise
her…. too bad you cant see that….

Sushil Chamoli says:

Very nice~~~baby< <>>

Al A says:

waaaaait a minute……that baby is looking white…. Dr. Smith where are
you going during your vacations hmmm? jk

DavidB5501 says:

Even in Africa, I think babies still have an umbilical cord and an
afterbirth. The film is clearly edited. How much, we don’t know.

yari16215 says:

Wow,great job lady! when i had my 2 kids balls of yells were heard in every
corner of the hospital.

md2v4 says:

So rude so disrespectful.

will ibe says:

she has strong inner muscle , in 1 shot the baby pop out

Alice Smith says:

This is amazing!
I can’t believe that natural births in the jungle can be virtually silent!
This girl must have a good brain for dealing with pain or Maybe us girls
just aren’t as strong as them

Markendra Lambert says:

Y’all are so disrespectful like all of you just stfu!

Sophie Schneider says:

this is how birth should be

love sick says:

baby is soooooooo cute

ikia kenney says:

omg she didnt scream and i did when i had my boy max

JagritIndian says:

A helpless mother turning into a brave mother

thao tranphuong says:
BehrooZ Abshar says:

There should be Festival Birth ,”giving Birth in Public” to celebrate
beauty of it and coming put to Mother Earth
from PERSIA with Passion

chef7899 says:

Jenny Wikarta says:


Loochi Vuitton says:

Distgusting….just…distgusting…..the horror! WHO VIDEOTAPE THIS??

Natural Birth Story says:
Mark Dreamer says:


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