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Most women today in our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s didn’t escape those formative teen years without being placed on what our doctors told us was a harmless little pill that would allow us free love to our heart’s desire. It may have permitted uncommitted sex, but not sure the love was always there.

Now 50 years after the sexual revolution, we have learned that little pill is far from harmless and is causing so many women serious health issues. These include weight gain, low libido and mood swings for the young women in their teens and 20s, menstrual irregularity and fertility challenges for women in their 30s, and extreme menopausal symptoms for women approaching and into their 50s. It blows my mind that the pill is considered an effective treatment method for things like cramping, acne, heavy periods and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It may help alleviate the symptoms, but did docs ever consider that there may also be effective ways to cure the cause?

Several pills have been recalled over the past several years (there were three recalls in Canada in 2013) for various life threatening side affects. You can read more about the pill in this series I wrote a few years ago.

Many women who still want to get it on, but don’t want to be on the pill, are taking to the risky business “pull and pray” method. I think you get the idea on that one.

With all this confusion and misinformation, I called in my favourite sisters to dish their wisdom on this very important subject — and for this occasion, it was only right that I pulled out the pearl necklace.

Amy and Kim are in the kitchen with me to share their top 5 natural birth control methods.

Learn More About DIY Birth Control!

If you are seriously interested in learning more about how you can get to know your fertility cycles, whether for getting knocked up or preventing it, Amy is the sister for you!

Please share this with the ladies you know. This is truly important and empowering!

Dare to dish? What have you found to be your preferred effective natural birth control methods?


Ana Pinheiro says:

Thanks Meghan, i loved your show and insight.


Stephanie O says:

I’m so happy I stumbled across this video, it is wonderful! I was on the
pill and you are right it is poison but now I am lucky enough to be using
the Lady-Comp and it was the best decision myself and my husband ever
made!! Yes it is costly but where I come from I was paying €15 a month for
the pill so in just over 2 years I am paying the same amount as the cost of
the device but the device will last my whole fertile life!! Can not say
more about the Lady-Comp other then it’s awesome and changed my life and

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