3 Natural Birth Tips You Must Know!

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Planning a natural birth?
There are many ways to prepare for natural birth.. here are 3 ways that have helped me in the past, and will help me this time around!

1. Get a doula you really click with, someone who you feel very comfortable around and who completely understands what you want.

2. Tell yourself daily, and during the labour that the “pain” you are experiencing is in a different category compared to pain you have experienced in the past. Nothing is wrong with you, nothing is broken, cut, out of place.. Your body is simply moving around in a way it is designed to. There is no need to panic.. let it do what its built for.. when you relax you help the process move along.. if you are scared and tense you slow everything down.

3. Watch videos of animals in nature giving birth. We are no different from them, and we can learn a lot by watching how they act. Trust me.
Do no watch child birth on mainstream tv, if you think that’s how it’s done, that’s how it will be.

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VeganVeins says:

Watching animals in nature give birth is so amazing, I have watched my cat
have kittens and my sheep have lambs and a foal being born too!

PregnantAndPaleo says:

I love the idea of reminding yourself that nothing is wrong, that this is
what your body was made for! I’ve never really thought of it it that way,
and I love tips on having a successful natural birth <3
Thank you!

spunkrok13 says:

I just wanted to thank you for making this video! I am having my first baby
soon (due date Jan 21) and I have been soooo nervous about delivery,
although we plan to be at a hospital you still made perfect sense and I
will remind myself it is all normal when I start to experience labor :) <3

iebella1776 says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who watches animals give birth! I felt like
a weirdo. Even my husband looked at me funny haha! Thanks for the
reminders :)

FruitAndFamily Natalie says:

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