The full 16 and a half minute scan of our little beauty, Jessika, we had done at Before The Stork in Liverpool.
My child’s ultrasound scan for the 4th month 我が子の四か月目のエコーです(*^-^*)
baby at 34 weeks in the womb at InfantSee4D in Fairfax VA, baby sticking our tongue, yawning, sucking, stretching, smiling, kicking It is amazing what technology can do these days. Here is a 4D ultrasound scan of Baby Ashley in mommy’s womb. Check out my latest adventures at
Ultrasound exam at 36 weeks of my pregnancy. Checking for “placenta previa” and all major organs of the baby. CrowdKid has a normal steady heartbeat and is practicing breathing. Position: head down. Read more at [More]
Extended version of our 3D/4D ultrasound at Miracle in Progress in Las Vegas. This is at 32 weeks. Audio is basic Lullaby’s.
Conair Multi-sized hot rollers first impression Yesterday’s Vlog We went to a place in Bellevue called Baby Pictures. I highly recommend you go to them if you’re in the Seattle/ Bellevue area! [More] 4D Baby Ultrasound Scan with the whole family, recorded in September 2007. Parents from both saids join the happy couple as they watch their unborn baby during a 4D baby scan. 4D Baby Centres [More]
This was our very first ultrsound scan. You car’nt see much as baby is really just a bean. The highlight was hearing our babies heart beat. What a wonderful moment.
7 week 4 day ultrasound
baby is moving and kicking all over, and even grabs little feet! update: yes, it’s a boy! although this was technically “too early to tell” many family/friends were sure it was a boy… which the [More]
Determining a baby’s sex from an ultrasound is something many couples want. This health video from explains when you can determine a baby’s sex from an ultrasound. Read more on determining a baby’s sex [More]
3D/4D scan @ 27 weeks (15/12/11) Before The Stork 29 Sefton Street Liverpool L21 7PD Telephone: 0151 280 0543
3D 4D Ultrasound baby scan. Window to the Womb Ltd Nottingham, Rugby, Merry Hill, Rotherham.
A quick clip of our 13w3d NT Scan where we got to see our baby bouncing around for the first time. Our ultrasound tech was nice enough to leave a video clip of the ultrasound [More]
This is the 3d ultrasound we had of our little girl @ 28 weeks pregnant. Annotations will guide you through the different cute things she does. At one point she scratches her forehead with her [More]
3D/4D scan is very important ultrasound tool. The transvaginal scan is the preferable way of scanning during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is 3D surface rendering of the normal fetus at 12 weeks of [More]
The first time we saw Chloe May’s little face on her 4d scan , simply amazing xxxx
Ultrasound scan at a clinic in Colombia of a baby boy at 31 weeks.
Check out our 12 week ultrasound, where we find out the gender of our baby! P.S. My mom bawled her eyes out and you can hear her in the background. It’s pretty funny.
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