I am finally (starting to) look pregnant! lol. Look below for links: Week 25: http://youtu.be/bieUHLy968I Week 20: http://youtu.be/QqGmDXldQxM
35 weeks pregnant and baby is rolling around!
A video we created to demonstrate a new safety product for pregnant women interested in protecting their unborn child in the event of a car accident.
I had a Tummy tuck in 2008 after having my sweet son he weighed almost 9lbs and I had a complicated C-Section. I had loose sagging skin that I had removed and tightened (Nip Tuck) [More]
My buddies girlfriend is pregnant and their dog has become extremely protective of the yet to be delivered bundle of joy. They swear he started this on his own and I just had to get [More]
Nathaniel kissing his baby. He spontaneously started kissing the bump, but by the time I got the camera on, he’d got a bit distracted!
Pregnant after tummy tuck 32 weeks. Feeling very tight, lots of muscle stretching. Baby is growing at a perfectly normal rate, no complications. Scar and belly button still in tact. No new stretch marks yet [More]
My collection of very pregnant women and their over swollen tummies !
Embarazo cansada barriga enorme. Huge belly. Big tummy. Twins pregnancy pregnant
God’s creation is so wonderful how he fuses a single egg & sperm to form a baby!
Check out our Facebook page for more videos and photos – http://www.facebook.com/BabyRulesMe and visit our Blog – http://babyrules.me Ah! And our other video – “0 to 30 years stop motion” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdmojgWdj0E Look at our [More]
Toddler blows raspberries on mom’s pregnant belly
Another beautiful pregnant tummy painting by artist Carolyn of Barefootbutterfly Studio, lcoated in Chilliwack, BC Canada. Please rate, comment & subscribe!
my daughter’s stuffed animal was pregnant…. had to video this! she is so funny
So recently I’ve announced that I am pregnant and having twins! In this video I give you a glipmse of my body changes and I also share some good news
Tummy Shield http://www.TummyShield.com Protection for pregnant mothers and unborn babies in the event of a car crash. The Tummy Shield redirects the lap portion of a seat belt protecting the pregnant mother and unborn baby [More]
Happy Halloween – painting a pumpkin on Lisa’s pregnant tummy! Incoming search terms:wenhx
HQhair show you how to pamper and indulge your skin as it grows – Tummy Rub is relaxing for both baby and mama. HQ tip: use it twice a day to really limit stretch marks.
This is so amazing. There are five puppies in there just waiting to get out and greet the world. Due in one more day!!!
To purchase the scar therapy oil the I’ve created, click here https://www.etsy.com/listing/163696448/supreme-healing-body-oil-8oz?
25 weeks Pregnant after Tummy Tuck UPDATE Maternity Support Belt http://www.destinationmaternity.com/Product.asp?Product_Id=922000113&MasterCategory_Id=MC32 Eco Dent http://www.eco-dent.com/ T W I T T E R : @prissajeanmua F A C E B O O K : https://www.facebook.com/pa…… I N [More]
7 1/2 months pregnant after tummy tuck,hating my new stretch marks and leg cramps.loving the baby moving.muscle pains in belly seem to have stopped.finally into the 30’s,cant wait for it all to be over with [More]
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