Bebé #4, semana 37 (del 17 al 23 de enero de 2014) Fecha probable de parto: 7 de febrero de 2014 TODA LA INFO EN RELACIÓN A ESTE EMBARAZO: La tripa semana a semana : [More]
Here is a pregnancy video of my pregnant belly growing, which we put together over 9 months using stop motion video with all the pictures we took. Throughout my pregnancy I taught and practiced Pilates [More]
Our Hailie having a wiggle & kick :3 Watch closely! We love our little girl so much :’) xoxox
Grayson is going to town on that belly!
Baby kicking in my belly. I think I see a foot!
Baby Giavanna moving in mommy’s belly. 9 months pregnant
At 9 months pregnant, my baby is stretching me to the limits- with her feet!
thats exciting to see. the baby or contractions move the belly so strongh.
This is my son Lincoln moving and kicking inside my tummy when I was 37 weeks pregnant. He still is an active little boy who loves to dance.
Watch above the belly button, my baby is moving around:)
A short video of my daughter at 31 weeks kicking and moving around in the belly….
Baby hiccups and kicking at 33 weeks. Our little boxing kangaroo going off!!
18 weeks pregnant baby moving thru outside of belly
Baby kicking inside belly. Bebê chutando dentro da barriga.
Baby is head down so I assume these are legs but I’m not totally sure. This looks pretty crazy.
27 month old Zachary has a spaz attack feeling his 33 week baby sister kick in mommy’s belly
this is my wife with my third baby and she moves like crazy!
The first scene was last night (11/29/13) when I was able to capture a tiny little kick on camera. She kicked on the top right half of my belly. The second scene was from this [More]
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