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There is nothing better than a pregnant belly. Here she is at 8 1/2 months along. If you have a dog go to : www.potcakecollars.com
My Very First Pregnancy Vlog! Due August 27th! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002231822905
I had to make the video into two parts so here is the belly! Check out part 1 and here’s the link to the heartbeat video: Guess my baby’s gender, length, weight, birth date and [More]
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she shows her beautiful belly. bellyupdate 7th month
ORIGINAL UPLOAD DATE WAS: 12/13/2011 I display each month to month of Beyonce Pregnancy, ENJOY! Yes they did Delete my Old Page, but I Am Back Now! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! Oh and to see [More]
What a week!! Baby and I are recovery well and so happy we made it to 20 weeks pregnant! We can not wait to meet our little bundle
To play my guessing game go to http://expectnet.com/game.php and type in “Tiffsbaby13” and guess my babys gender, weight, length, birth date, and time!! You can guess from now till Dec 15th ♡Instagram: TiffanyDarlyn ♡Follow Me: [More]
her belly is wonderful. so huge. she have 9 month now really
God’s creation is so wonderful how he fuses a single egg & sperm to form a baby!
she have wonderful huge belly. beautiful pregnant lady
I have my own critiques and can only wish I could be as awesome as Sadie, but here is my preggo belly dance solo. This was only partially choreographed so please don’t judge too harshly!
This is what goes on inside an 8 month pregnant lady’s belly at 1:00am…no wonder prego’s can’t get any sleep! It almost looks like an alien trying to bust out…
OPEN ME: Here is our 2 month postpartum update plus my measurements! Weight On Due Date: 172 Pre-Pregnancy weight:120 Current Goal:125-130 Waist Goal: back to 28″ Current Body Measurements: Weight: 135 Waist: 32 1/2 Hips: [More]
Meet Kaydi, 20 yr old female, who is 36 weeks or 8 months pregnant. See her big belly, while her uncle, Hans Moore, interviews her. Stay turned for more, when the baby arrives.. Filmed March [More]
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Here is my one month update on how I’m doing and progressing. For the most part I’m feeling back to normal! Don’t forget to go watch Aria’s one month update! Thanks for watching everyone Fan [More]
You can follow me on twitter @teddytrump This video is so amazing, the song by Vina panduwinata and the title is “Anak ku ” which means “my son” , the lyric with english translation is [More]
Sorry guys, I forgot to show you my belly in my last video~!! So here is my 1 Month Postpartum Belly and Stretch Marks If you want to hear my 1 month update go here: [More]
Everything you need to know is below: Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/amynicolaox Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/amynicolaox Skip ahead to Ab Workouts at; 7:00 *Watch ONE YEAR WEIGHT LOSS STORY – HOW I MAINTAINED/LOST 86LBS & PICS: *Watch [More]
I’m pregnant with our second child and this is my growing belly through the first month of this pregnancy! Note: The first month consists of weeks 1-4, so the first two pictures are actually before [More]
TAG! You’re it…. Tag questions: 1) What do you wish someone told you about pregnancy? 2) What do you wish someone told you about Labor and Delivery? 3) How did you feel when you found [More]
This video was uploaded from an Android phone so sorry for the quality. This is my second pregnancy with a boy named Morgan.
Lost 20 lbs through exercise and cutting out refined carbohydrates. Cutting out refined carbs is really important for reducing belly fat. However I am not perfect, I do hold my abdomen in as well with [More]
Is your pregnancy test positive? Congratulations! Here’s what to expect during weeks one through four. ――――――――――――――――――――――― WATCH MORE PREGNANCY VIDEOS! Click Here: »»» http://pregnancy.healthguru.com/content/browse/cid/12/sid/22?256PregnancyMonth1YT
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