Many women with low-risk pregnancies choose to go au natural to avoid any possible risks that medications could pose for the mother or baby. Pain medications can affect your labor — your blood pressure might [More]
How to do an off centre carry with a ring sling safely. This is suitable for younger babies if the usual upright carry is hard to achieve; baby rests in the recovery position high up [More]
How to get a baby safely on and off your back on your own with a Connecta Baby Carrier, once child has appropriate head and upper body control (sitting up/6months).
Havvah (our gestational carrier) sent us this video this morning! Super active little guy!
You won’t believe how many months pregnant this woman is Sarah Stage is no ordinary mum-to-be.The stunning model is eight months pregnant but to look at her tummy you’d never guess it.Rather than hid her [More]
Hi This is Fawzi academy in this video, We will talk about normal childbirth. The process of normal childbirth, Is categorized in three stages of labour, The shortening and dilation of the cervix, Descent and [More]
A baby doll reborn video with a new addition to our channel! XD ———————————————————————————————— For more videos: ———————————————————————————————— Baby Boy Scrapbook Page Ideas Sister Scrapbook Page Ideas Baby Girl Scrapbook Page Ideas Scrapbooking Quote Qualities Digital Scrapbooking Steps Easy Scrapbook Layouts Tips A Warning For Scrapbookers! Grabbing [More]
5 Months Pregnant : Sleeping All The Time ! Part 1 via YouTube Capture I have not gained weight in about the last two months of my pregnancy. Being pregnant with hydramnios (Polyhydramnios) or excess [More]
The Pain! Huge Baby Belly Measuring 10 Months Pregnant : Polyhydramnios I have not gained weight in about the last two months of my pregnancy. Being pregnant with hydramnios (Polyhydramnios) or excess amniotic fluid has [More]
YOU GUYS! I have crazy baby fever! I’ve been watching all the old videos of Lulu and Wilson…and I’m dying for another. You’ll have to forgive me when I post a few old videos…I can’t [More]
Saudi Arabia’s allies have joined the country’s ‘Decisive Storm’ bombing operation in Yemen. The operation is aimed at Houthi rebels who have taken over Yemen, bringing the Middle Eastern country to the brink of civil [More]
Evento de presentación de #Grasancrem2
For our scoutmasters that aren’t able to make it to one of our Leader’s meetings in the triad area, we are going to have this virtual one that you can join us for or view [More]
FOX10’s Steve Krafft attended Debra Milke’s press conference this morning and joins Samia Khan to discuss what was said. Then, private investigator Paul Huebl, who was the first person to talk to Milke after she [More]
Like I said in my last post, somethings just happen, and we wouldn’t have had an idea if not for the internet. Lol. So Sarah Stage a model is already 8 months pregnant and even [More]
I wasn’t able to include a belly shot in my 41 week pregnancy vlog, but I filmed one last night when things got a little crazy. Spinning in a circle felt a little precarious with [More]
NUK Mash and Serve Bowl From NUK Preparing fresh food for your baby can be healthy and cost effective! The NUK Mash & Serve Bowl lets you easily and quickly mash up fruits and [More]
Joaquin cooking healthy food for your baby
TAGS: apple cake recipe apple crumble recipe apple recipes asparagus recipes avocado recipes baby food recipes baked beans recipe baked chicken breast recipes baked chicken recipes baked potato recipe baked salmon recipes banana cake recipe [More]
I saw her leave her party in their car and enter into a discount store. I soon entered the store as well. I saw her standing the aisle by herself. I asked her how far [More]
In the news Image for the news result Mother-of-four shares inspirational and honest photos showing how childbirth changes a woman’s body (and her life) Daily Mail‎ – 11 hours ago Designer Joanna Venditti, from Milton, [More]
Twitter : Twitter @RomabriThecray ===================================== PC ============ CPU: AMD Serie FX- 6300 RAM: 8GB Gráfica:Ausu Radeon R7 250X HHD: Principal 500 gb/ Secundario 1Tb PERIFÉRICOS ================== Monitor :packard bell L9VB4 21” Ratón: Templarius Arma [More]
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