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Little Millie in mummies tummy does not like being used as a table for the TV remote control!
Weird video of my unborn son breathing inside my tummy. You can see it go up and down as if he was taking breaths
I’ve made it to 31 weeks and without stretch marks ( Knocking on Wood) scheduled C- Section for February 22nd Yay!!! Baby Boy is coming!! Just having a hard time breathing and some Groin Pain [More]
nice masage for my sexy tummy looing for asian girl to feed me all day
31 Weeks Pregnant. I share my symptoms, weight gain, procardia, bra shopping, and skin cancer concerns Follow on: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/HiNoonVlog BLOG: PINTEREST:
Here’s my 16 week update! I also forgot to mention I’m now using Palmer’s Belly lotion and Bio Oil twice a day….hopefully to prevent stretch marks.
Oh people this week, I think I am delirious! Ha! Seriously. I added bloopers to the end because I was a mess. I talk about my symptoms and funny things that happen in pregnancy. The [More]
my belly at 27 weeks,baby has had a growth spirt,belly has grown at last check out my blog
A video from when I was about 8 months pregnant with the twins. I was trying to get them moving around on video because there’s just nothing like it! You can actually watch them move! pregnancy music pregnancy music for baby music for pregnancy music during pregnancy pregnancy music free download pregnancy relaxation music music for pregnant women classical music pregnancy pregnancy music baby pregnancy stages pregnancy calendar 13 [More]
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