Our baby kicking when we where 28 weeks along which is the second / third trimester. at the date of this upload, we are about 32 weeks along right now. I shoot a much better [More]
Baby hat viel spass im mamas bauch. – Baby Having Fu In Mom’s Stomach Sitting around in a stomach for 9 months can be pretty boring. This little guy decides to move around and have [More]
I finally caught my baby moving inside my tummy on camera. Not a regular blog, but I thought some people might think this is cool
Baby moving in tummy ALOT! Kinda freaky looking
Heres Rowin, the night before he was born. He was a surprise baby, we didnt know what we were having prior to his delivery.
My little one moving in my time around 28th week.
baby kicking like crazy at 35 weeks and 2 days!
when mum does a sit-up you can see the shapeof the babies back, and when she relaxes he wiggles an elbow (or is it a leg?).
Hard to believe Noah was in there. 37 weeks.
Just noticed I have a shit ton of subscribers for no reason O.o So I thought I’d start uploading my prego collection for the hell of it. I don’t own and didn’t make the video [More]
via YouTube Capture Varicose Veins On Pregnant Belly & Baby Kicks
This is a video of my baby in his 25th week of gestation doing what he does whenever it gets past 9pm. About halfway through the video he moves A LOT, so make sure you [More]
My beautiful baby moving inside my tummy ❤️ 35 weeks pregnant
My little boy dying to get out of mummy’s tummy! Just wild! Watch the whole video. He really gets going!
I actually made this video a few weeks ago. 1 of my sisters wanted to feel me after I woke up and I showed her what I usually feel like in the morning. I had [More]
Almost 37 weeks pregnant and baby ninja has a good kick!
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Update from week 30 of the pregnancy! New pregnancy updates EVERY WEDNESDAY! #BabyLoves Week 28: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNA7-rQWhGE Beauty Channel: http://www.youtube.com/RachhLoves TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RachhLoves FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rachhloves/142996299055898 BLOG: http://www.rachhlovesyou.blogspot.com INSPIRATION: http://www.pinterest.com/rachhloves Business Inquiries: business@melroseandpark.com (RachhLoves in the subject line) [More]
31 week pregnancy update http://youtu.be/Nu1KOi6o65E Honest company website http://honest.com/accept_invitation/371747 On October 18, 2012 we welcomed our little cutie bear, Julianna onto this world! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZsZs5… Instagram! http://www.instagram.com/itsjudytime Itsjudytime Facebook http://www.facebook.com/itsjudytime Subscribe to our channel for daily [More]
pregnant pregnant belly 16 and pregnant pregnant man r kelly pregnant pregnant belly growing pregnant r kelly pregnant women pregnancy 13 and pregnant 15 and pregnant pregnant barbie pregnant teen pregnant sex snooki pregnant birth [More]
I fear this vlog is a bit of a mess, sorry ’bout that. My pregnancy brain took over. At least I remembered the belly shot! Looking forward to my first baby shower tomorrow!!!
belly is getting v heavy now and my babys are constantly moving at night so I cant sleep lol had a scan recently and babys are measuring bigger than what they should so that explains [More]
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