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heres my belly,granny pants,ugly nursing bra and beautiful baby boy.belly is much better than after last pregnancies but i can still pinch more than an inch,but it has only been two weeks so i will [More]
Hey loves!!! This is video #3 of the day!!!! Just sharing my fav tummy butters/oils and fav pregnancy books with you guys!! Hope you enjoy!!! Smooches!!!!
Here is Amber :o) This is the YouTube baby shower channel!:
Watch My Belly Grow from 5 Weeks to 36 Weeks Pregnant!! With Kinsley! & Few Postpartum at the end! OUR WEBSITE: VOTE for my next Video I should make: REQUEST A VIDEO: [More]
A little swollen still, but overall tummy is going down at a pretty good rate.
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3 months post baby, Tiffany designed this fun and effective full body cardio workout to get you in shape! This workout is great for beginners, new moms or anyone who wants to burn fat, lean [More]
Animation of chronic diseases at View more AMAZING medical animations at To download FREE medical animations of pregnancy and birth, visit This 3D medical animation shows human fertilization, also known as conception. [More]
A special collection of soothing music, to establish the special bond of love between you and your baby. Courtesy of Abbott Nutrition – maker of Similac Mum.
Beyoncé shared more than 100 intimate photos on her brand new Tumblr site in honor of her fourth wedding anniversary with Jay-Z. She posted a few home videos as well, including one where the bikini-clad [More]
10 hours long Mozart playlist for baby brain. Also good for a pregnant woman. This is Classical background music from Mozart to relax and to develop your baby brain. I made this Mozart background music [More]
The pictures taken in the beginning of the vid were all taken in the morning with an empty bladder and stomach. Weight is also taken in the morning with empty bladder and stomach. I am [More]
Our baby girl moving around and all lopsided in my very pregnant belly.
3 hours long Mozart playlist for baby brain. Also good for a pregnant woman. Classical music BGM from Mozart to relax and to develop your baby brain.
A simple tutorial on how to make a beautiful baby bump cake. Perfect for baby showers! Feel free to message me or comment with any questions you might have Follow me on Facebook –
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i got some requests to do a fake pregnant belly so i thought i’d try it out after i’d filled up on burger king the other night. it felt soooo good-how does it look? felt [More]
You wanted to know how you can feel on your belly that you’re pregnant. And actually this a pretty hard thing to do. There are better ways to find out if you’re pregnant or not. [More]
Here I show you how to make the Pregnant Belly Cake Visit my facebook page to view Tip Thursdays Music by Music by Dan-O at See the License FAQ for credit options. You [More]
a tribute to the beauty that is a pregnant woman !
Funny Perineal Massage video Pregnancy Vlogs Playlist Here is my pregnancy update! I talk about my symptoms, stretch marks, weight gain, and belly shot! Itsjudytime Facebook Subscribe to our channel for daily real [More]