Twins Fighting Inside Womb; AMAZING

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video of twins in womb fighting for space have been getting the attention of one and all. These are part of a London medical study, which is showing how twins are trying to get space for themselves.

The pictures were captured while researchers were trying to examine a rare medical condition, potentially lethal among twins in the name of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. It has further been claimed that the syndrome occurs in identical twins, as blood moves from one to another. If researchers at London’s Center for Fetal Care are to be believed, this condition can be life-threatening for them, as it can cause stroke or hemorrhage in one or both of the twins’ brains.

Apparently, the video found the twins kicking each other so that they can get space as per their comfort inside their mother’s womb. “What this lets us do is see their positions in relation to each other and how much space they occupy, and how they might move around and push each other out of the way”, said Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke.


Alaa Toum says:

the smaller one needs more space , I feel pity 

rodney c. wofford says:

shalom fellow laborerz,whats the diffence~”MURDERED~American~TEACHER”n~Abu
Dhabi&(unborn~humans)~with~”KILLIN CROOKS”who (BREAK~WORLD~LAW)~plowman :)

Kasarah Reckendorf says:

Cute as heck but where is the bigger baby’s arms hmmm anyway cute and
congratulations on the twins

PotatoArmy | Fev Inei | Motion Design says:

they dont have the muscle to do that.. amazingly fake.

elcid agustin says:

the small one said: I maybe small but i can definitely kick your ass big

Elysse Williams says:

why is one smaller than the other

terudancer9496 says:

I deal really bad for the little one! omg :( lol

Christian Corral says:

Man, they are ALREADY fighting!!

The Program says:

I gave birth to twins and it was the same case. One came out smaller than
the other but my smaller twin had more fight in her.

rodney c. wofford says:

shalom fellow laborerz,speaks~4~THEMSELVES~plowman :)

Connie says:

FREAKY..Not enough room for 2 kids..

myastroflight says:

I wonder if the runt is still smaller.

New Age Pregnancy says:

Have you ever wonder how does baby move in his or her mother’s womb? Easy?
Now, think about two babies sharing this tiny bit of space inside their
mother’s womb! Yes, it’s going to be tough, ugly and FUNNY! This is what we
call by baby fight! #pregnancy #babies #twins 

Yahonna Anderson says:

The smaller one is like, move over

Ivete Maria SangaloverFR says:

I feel bad for the one who’s trying to get more space :(

Kamya Wilson says:

Aaaaww poor baby! Barely had any room!

Annette Leroux says:

I would not call that fighting. It’s a small space.

braf zachland says:

nigga i been in this corner for nine months now move your motherfuck’n feet

sue green says:

Great video . I believe the the smaller twin is simply uncomfortable a bit
squashed by the faeces in the mothers bowels. Don’t suppose the exercise
will do him any harm !!

J TV says:

you can already tell which one is gonna be an A-hole

Eve Read says:

This is a great video! However, the write up is a little inaccurate. I was
blessed with identical twins, but they developed “twin to twin transfusion
syndrome” (aka TTTS) – which is the condition being studied here. Blood
vessels develop incorrectly and distribute more blood to one twin than the
other – which is why one grows more than the other. If the difference is
minimal, it’s ok, but if one gets too little and one too much, then they
can develop one of a number of life threatening conditions. My little twin
(“the donor”) died from heart failure but we were lucky that the experts at
London’s Kings College Fetal centre saved the life of my “recipient” by
giving her a blood transfusion in utero. She is nearly four and has no
remaining signs of the disease which took her sister, apart from a small
scar on her chest from the injection. Amazing! (I assume this video was
created from MRI images – can anyone confirm??)

Szeto allysonYC says:
love you says:

Am so happy my wife is pregnant on twins,can’t wait….

Suzanne Thomas says:

Jacob and Esau

love you says:

I hope they all are comfortable

felicia lyons says:


lakita1988 says:

Aww I feel bad for the small one :(

Marcus Chan says:

fake so fake why did you post so supitd vidio

Ann Marie Ryan says:

Marianne Ward why did you post this is fake? I have video of my identical
twins and they are moving like these. Have you had twins do you know that
this is fake???

amanda then says:

So cute babies

lakita1988 says:

Aww I feel bad for the small one :(

Ann Marie Ryan says:

Looks as if the bigger twin won

Ramona S says:


Marianne Ward says:

This is fake

Dayson Songran says:

The little baby is like trying to open a space for better movings to
progress in physical development.

Zabulon A says:

Esau and Jacob. Lol

carolyn sherman says:

I felt bad for the one in the smaller space he wanted to stretch so bad but
the other one would not let him.

medryl says:

makes sense u know there is always one a bit smaller than the other..

ViViD Vibe says:

True though. When i was born, mum said tht the doctors had to take care of
me cuz my bro took most of the nutrients.

lovelydalia90 says:

why does it look one is bigger than other? weird

Demi Sweet says:

I’d fight my sibling too if you had all the space and I didn’t….like
sharing a studio apartment

Laura Clark says:

Iam pregnant with twins and one is bigger than the other iam excited when i
see these videos i cant wait!!!

tamje2011 says:

i do not see nobody fighting…they are just moving around the tiny space.

MrBadazz75 says:

thats so cool and weird at the same time

demario mcgowan says:

Ahww . All he wants is some space !

Malika Stott says:

Awwww! It looks like the bigger one was telling the smaller baby to knock
it off. Poor little baby!

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