Twin Pregnancy: Belly Growth

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Pregnant with boy/girl twins. This is the growth of my belly from 12 weeks to 38 weeks. The babies were born in Sept. 2009 at 38 weeks 4 days via c-section. Baby boy weighed 6lbs. 4oz and baby girl weighed 7 lbs. 7oz..


greegreeeen says:

daaammmnnn! i wish i was pregnant wit multiples… Quintuples!

lynne turrell says:

@1mokz there were very big and that hasent changed at all, benjamin and
chloe and are just over 10 months old, benjamin is pulling hismefl up on
the sofa and trying to walk and chloe is now crawling, they are 1 next

YareeennnXxddd says:

Does it hurt ? Cuz i wanna twin too but i’m scared ;(

12valvepower1 says:

@greegreeeen that is my girl .i wish i could help you get pregnant. and
keep you around as my pregnant freind.

güneş gün says:

how long ıs the ıvf treatment?

disacole says:

I have twins too, also gained 80 pounds and had a lot of water retention.
Our bellies actually looked quite similar but I gave birth in week 35 so
it´s fun seeing you going two more weeks and imagining what my belly would
have looked like if I made it that far. Anyway, thanks for sharing, that
was great to see :)


how tall are you? i want to have twins but i think i’m too short for that

Kessy Lae says:

imagine: 10 weeks more, and you could exploded. but congratulation! (:

lynne turrell says:

@mrsturrell1 Good that our babies were good weights, but it is uncomfy when
when carrying them, i gained a 14lbs and then gained a further 5 lbs being
at home, have lost 8lbs so far, trying to be good but it is difficult as my
husband likes his treats and my will power is awful.x

transparentI says:

Oh my! Congratulations! This video made me bite my knuckles! By halfway
through, you looked fully pregnant. I thought “no, her belly can’t possibly
get much bigger?” Then the weeks ticked by and I thought “oh my gosh, it
did!” I know women having twins can get very big bellies, but WOW, you were
HUGE! You look great, though! How old are your son and daughter now?

pascaleandtim says:

Congrats to you – great chronicle of an incredible journey. I also took
photos of my twin pregnancy – think you were bigger! Am trying to cope with
the aftermath of being so big and the things people say on this topic –
search for ‘Moms of multiples – post birth issues’ here on Youtube. Enjoy!

Kaitlyn94Marie says:

My cousin just had twin girls 6 weeks ago. She made it to 37 weeks and 4
days. Gained 24 pounds and the babies were 6 pounds 1oz and 5 pounds 13oz.

IKnowWhatISaw says:

I hope I can make it that far along! I’m pregnant with identical twins!

Mrs Matrix says:

I’m also pregnant with twins (16 weeks now) and i’m very scared of labour
and birth. i have a son and he’s 18 month old. the birth was horrible and i
swear i’ll never be pregnant again…but then my husband begging for a
second child and i give up and I thought that this pregnancy will be
easier…then we got the mesage that we get twins and that makes nothing
easier but we will get through this and i KNOW this will be the last
pregnancy for me! 😉 sorry for my bad english ! Greets

J9FORGE says:

PERFECT! Great job mommy! WoW!

honestyxo says:

oh emm gee yu barely have anny stretch marks if any yur soo luckyy!!!

12valvepower1 says:

u r amazing

Diana Zuñiga says:

uffff una panza gigantesca

Moko Morris says:

@mrsturrell1 thats some awesome sized babys for twins… best friend
just had twins n they weighed only 5lb each at 38 +3 days

bmansdk says:

@monster31898 I was 28

bmansdk says:

@mrsturrell1 Collin was 6lbs 4 oz and Danielle was 7lbs 7oz at 38 wks
4days. I retained a large amount of water and therefore gained 80 lbs.
Thankfully I lost most of it within the first two months (I only have 5
more pounds to go.) My twins are 8 months old.

monster31898 says:

how old where u when u got pregnant

247Dogsrock says:

You must have hurt

Raye says:


shrinkquit says:

CONGRATS to you. Making it 38weeks and 4 days with twins is miraculous. I
am in awe!

Twinpossible says:

gorgeous video and belly!! Our bodies are amazing vessels aren’t they.
Congratulations. My girls are 3 months now, and I couldn’t be happier. We
are truly chosen for this special job!! xoxo

güneş gün says:

that’s how big ı was with only one baby :))

jiakai wong says:

I was only carry one but my belly also like a twin belly

WeThePeopleRleaders says:

OMG its kept growing CONGRATS!

Sia Ais says:

thank you for the pics :-) How tall are you. My doc sayed that I am too
small and too thin for more than oner baby :-(

thereal12step says:

Congratulations! You looked beautiful! I am beginning ivf in a month I hope
to have the same outcome.

as110 says:

The belly grows so fast it is so uncomfortable… It is just a faint memory
now LOL. My husband would come home from work in the evening and he would
say “Wow you grew so much since I left in the morning”. This happened about
every 3 days. Those growth spurts are not fun. I can see the same thing
happening on your pictures too. Nice belly, thanks for sharing.

lynne turrell says:

How big were your twins?? i went to 38 weeks with my twins, chloe weighed
8lb 4ozs and benjamin weighed 7lb 3.5 ozs They are 14 weeks old and doing
great! I thought i was big but blimy i feel your pain,

monster31898 says:

@bmansdk o k cuz u looked old

conn0412 says:


kopitikop says:

at 33 weeks it’s like the other half of you amazing!

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