Twin Pregnancy-26wks + belly shot

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I fear this vlog is a bit of a mess, sorry ’bout that. My pregnancy brain took over. :) At least I remembered the belly shot!
Looking forward to my first baby shower tomorrow!!!


I hope you step on a lego piece says:

You look fantastic! Can I ask, and apologies if this has been mentioned,
how long where you TTC before getting pregnant?

Amy Willis says:

Aww your belly is still so small and cute! :-)

DearestMeg says:

I’ll do an announcement vlog of their names soon! :)

DearestMeg says:

Thank you!

DearestMeg says:

Thanks, Jenna! I’m growing bigger and bigger everyday, and for once in my
life I’m okay with it! 😉

mariemoore1234 says:

Hello I’m a mom of twin girls :) and baby A was and is the biggest one lol
good luck 😉

DearestMeg says:

Thank you! No apologies needed, Brent and I tried for 4 years and decided
to take a break starting Spring/Summer of 2012, found out we were pregnant
in November! :)

jessicakesbanded says:

Babies!!! :-))

giljorules says:

When is your due date that’s me 33 wks not long to go now xxxx

larissa260378 says:

You look beautiful!

Mallory Boatfield says:

Congrats! I am so happy for you guys! Much love, Mallory B.

Mary-Beth Goss says:

What are you going to name them?

DearestMeg says:

Thank you!!! We are so super excited!!

SailorsGirl05 says:

It sounds like your pregnancy is going great! I am a twin, my mom had my
brother and I 3 months early due to complications, so it’s kinda neat to
see another twin pregnancy and it go so well! I’m supposed to have twins
when I start TTC (runs in both mine and my husbands family) so I’m a little
freaked to say the least! Thanks for sharing your pregnancy with us:)

boredgyal1 says:

I am beyond elated for you guys. Congratulations!

DearestMeg says:


JennasBandedJourney says:

You look amazing!!! Love the belly shot and so great to see an update from
you!! 😉

DearestMeg says:

Oh, I’m sorry sweetie! Don’t beat yourself up, it’s just one of those
things. When we found out all I did was cry during our meeting with the DR.
I actually didn’t have to change my diet a whole lot, like you my eating
habits weren’t terrible to begin with. I haven’t used any websites, my
perinatologist office sent me home with two massive packets of info,
including recipes. I just focus on a low carb diet and plenty of protein.
Sorry I’m not much help. Wishing you all the best, hang in there!xx

Amber Rivera says:

You look great! :)

Jessica B says:


Ameina Qazi says:

Aww thank you for sharing!! How exciting to be having precious twins!! I’m
9 weeks into my first pregnant and filling my head with everything baby. :)
You looks so happy and full of light. Super high adorable cheek bones. 😀 I
hope once I’m further along ill start feeling not so sick and hopefully
start to glow like you. <3 Take care!!

Amy Willis says:

Oh trust me i felt the same way haha.

April Carpenter says:

what do u normally eat? I just got “that call” from my doctor and am not
the happiest with myself to say the least. not that I eat horribly because
I don’t but this is a whole new issue that I have to deal with. do you have
a website where you get recipes from?

DearestMeg says:

So far this pregnancy had gone pretty smoothly, hoping we can keep it that
way as we’re approaching the end! Thanks for following along- love
meeting/hearing from twins and twin mommas. We’re a special group of

DearestMeg says:

It feels huge to me, ha! It’s hard to imagine that I’m only going to get
bigger! :)

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