twin belly getting bigger

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belly is getting v heavy now and my babys are constantly moving at night so I cant sleep lol had a scan recently and babys are measuring bigger than what they should so that explains why im so heavy lol love my belly though pregnancy is so sexy

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Joshua Solomon says:

Wow! You are really growing fast! 😀 Fantastic. How far along are you now?
I do so love that you spoke (sorta), Its nice to hear you. 

jolth says:

Such a beautiful belly and body! :)

Pregnant Fan says:

More videos please, it’s so hot ! I love your belly.

Mmm dat belly tho says:

I’d like to see more of this! Also, can you show us a weekly 5-10 minute
video of your belly? I’d like that, especially if you rubbed it too :3

couvadebelly says:

This is so hot. I want to hear more about your pregnancy.

pregnant belly says:

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