Thug Robs Pizza Hut, Shoots Employies and Kicks Pregnant Woman in Stomach

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michael hold says:

To abuse defenseless citizens thats why. Arrested or in a nice place to stay

castletriglav says:

Typical nigger filth.

jiffy421 says:

should hang him in the street and let the birds eat him alive

mike christ says:

3 back to back racist comments batitng 1.0000 lol. but when you see a vid
on whites commiting crimes on youtube like i dont know, kid kills mom over
video game, no racists comments there, but yet all i hear is “blacks are
more racists then whites”

johansen3535 says:

The judge that released this fuckin thug should be charged with a crime and
be put in handcuffs and a orange

michael hold says:

He is a threat to people

Steve J says:

This is why welfare doesn’t work. If this asshole had a dad around to kick
his ass he wouldn’t be doing dumb shit.

Steve J says:

Not to mention robbing restaurants that are not cash only is really a waste
of time this day in age with everyone having a debit or credit card they
use to pay for food with.

Moralvorstellung7 says:

Is it any small wonder why humans hate you black beasts?

michael hold says:

He is a threat to people.. Please like white trash commits no Crime? Jim

Illiyuwn says:

fucking nigger scum!

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