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See The Doctors use state of the art animation to show what happened inside the body of Nadya Suleman, and how dangerous having octuplets really is!

This video will show you:
HOW TO avoid a dangerous pregnancy
HOW TO talk to your doctor
HOW TO ask good questions

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taffygirlgood says:

Selectively terminating….. Doctors have become so cold & heartless. You
soulless jackass! Not every woman is willing to murder her children. The
Dr. could have avoided putting his patient in that position, by using
better judgement & not putting eight inside at once. Not everything can or
should be solved by killing a human being.

naynay Lee says:

I think it is a miracle to have even one.. and when god blesses u with 8..
u don’t wrong god and take it away.. she didn’t ask for 8 babies.. its a
blessing never want to take for granted 

patricia rowe says:

She had a choice, it’s called selective abortion.

Chipmunk2007 says:

Im sorry… selectively killing off babies…. you know what Im sooo sick
of stupid people like this. you get mad because she didn’t want to kill her
children… smh. just because soome of you want to kill lives doesn’t mean
everybody else has to. SOME OF US DON’T WANT TO GO TO HELL. Idc if you
have an issue with whatever. she did the right thing. so what if she wanted
8 kids. AND….!!!!???!!!!! 1 the bible says be fruit and multiply 2 the
bible says thou shall not kill 3 The bible said live in the world but do
not be OF the world. just because everybody saw the problems…. smh . so
whatever your opinions are in GOD’s eyes she did nothing wrong as far as
the babies go… smh im sick of people getting mad at Christians because
we have beliefs and are trying to help you jerk from dying and staying
Dead… smh. I officially choose to not watch the doctors ever again. SMH
Im pretty sure God know better than anybody else what he’s doing.

Emily Bautista says:

Doctors don’t know everything the chick Is a hater and probably has no
kids, um your not trying to pass judgement?? Arnt you doing that now!! Who
cares!!! The kids are fine and she’s fine, nothing happens that isn’t
supposed to happen, God is in control

Russo Simon says:

WoW! if God gives, then she has no choice to take as much as God give her. 

Jorge Rios says:

God gives life not humans the only thing we do is have sex we could have
sex and more sex and God would not let you have a baby if he didn’t want
you to.

rimms says:

I cant believe a doctor said that the doctor implanted 6 embryos. The
doctor transferred 6. He had nothing to do with implantation. 

Amila Dzananovic says:

God they’re all talking at the same time.. Chill 

sarah davis says:

She did it on purpose knowing she couldn’t take care of the babies she
already had. She thought she’d get some money out of it, which she did, but
forgot that the pregnancy would result in actual humans that need to be
loved and cared for. She gives not one single shit about any of her
children and is nothing but a foodstamp sucking attention whore.

Edwin HERNANDEZ says:

Why do these doctors not let one finish a sentence before talking on top of
each other?

sammie pikarski says:

You all are so stupid. Doctors my ass. 

Kassy Gutierrez says:


gregory dean says:

This is my first time watching this,so going by the comments here the
doctor was completely at fault.First of all if she is mentally unstable and
already have 6 kids,why the F*** would u inplant her with all those
embryos. Infact why would you inplant her with any .Everybody has the right
to refuse service. He could have just said inplanting that many could put
your life in danger ,so i cant do that.Secondly how can you tell a pregnant
woman kill some of her babies.Talking to those who have brothers and
sisters,that would be like someone telling your mother to kill you and or
some of your sibllings and choose who lives. What mother would willing do
that. To put it a bit more simple,think of someone holding a gun to your
parents and that person tells you to choose which one dies.If you love your
parents that would be impossible right? That woman in the video must have
her pantys and hands far up her ass .
Before anyone tells me to get my facts straight,i did not look this up. My
comment is based on what I have read in these comments.

Grigoris Karelis says:

Easy! It is another trick of islam(“NADYA SULEMAN”) to spread around the

tinky3ful says:

I’m glad the lady didn’t kill her one of babies. These so called doctors
obviously have no idea that getting rid of the babies is abortion! I was
shocked to hear that from them.

Christian A. Stacy says:

I love the stance discrepancies between the male and the female doctors.
The female doctor, who knows and believes that anything that happens within
a woman’s body is ultimately her choice, likely from personal experience,
as well as just plain fact, is first to criticize the mother. Whereas, the
male doctors seem to have some sort of complex surrounding the idea of the
fertility doctor seemingly, in their minds, throwing this heavy burden onto
her. Fascinating narrow mindedness, even in this field.
Just very interesting to watch. Mostly hilarious, though.

Shane Damor says:

Def. Docs fault
Patient :can I have a brain surgery ???
Doc:There is nothing wrong with you
Patient: But still I want to do it,ill sign for it
Doc:IM sorry,that will cause a lot of ethical questions and could hurt my
credentials and you could end up dead

laniah bailey says:

There getting upset because of her decision it’s her body she knew the
risks and she took them because she wanted to be a mom to her babies that’s
all that matters at the end of the day. Your looking at the fact she put
her and her babies at risk but what about those women only carrying 1 baby
and their smoking and drinking their baby’s lives away are yaw not
concerned with those risks or the women that beat their babies to death for
no apparent reason but she is put as the bad guy because she wanted all of
her babies to live……imbeciles.

Kenneth Gill says:

Am I wrong or are they trying to say she should have killed at least two of
her kids???? Seriously. What mother would choose to do that!

Grasyn Guynup says:

I would op to no one wants to choose one of their baby’s

Sex By Kitty Pride says:

FYI when you go to a fertility clinic and opt for artificial means of
getting pregnant, they implant at least 3 or 4 ovum (eggs) to try to get
you pregnant. Sometimes more, especially if you’re having issues getting
pregnant. If it was dangerous for for her to conceive octuplets, think
about how dangerous it is when 3 or 4 eggs are being inseminated in your
body in a clinic. #chilebye 

Connor Burns says:

Ow, must of been cramped in there

ellamae says:

“Selective abortion” is still abortion and abortion is murder. Now that
woman who did that was just simply crazy.


God Bless !!

Cherelle Wimes says:

wow having eight babies is so cazy. But she did it. God bless her dearly.

Bigfoot-Alien Timetraveler says:

Truly ignorant shit, The world is already overpopulated lets give a single
poor mother of six eight more babies…….brilliant. That is not natural
we aren’t dogs and we should not be having litters. Having that many
babies is NOT God’s plan. God gave us the ability to naturally have one or
more babies, that is his plan. If you are unable to have babies there is a
reason, so stop screwing with God and nature. 

joey hershel says:

haha its like she had a litter of babies

Jess MultiMommy says:

WRONG! They don’t implant 3 or 4. Under 30 yrs old they implant one, over
30 they implant 2. ( Mom of triplets!! )

A NTP says:

another dumbass show from the states.

lovinghimmore says:

Choose which children to “terminate” is like trying to choose which family
member to save from drowning. An almost impossiable choice

Amanda Stokes says:

They are making it sound like she chose to get pregnant with 8 babies 

Bigfoot-Alien Timetraveler says:

ATTENTION HUMANS: There are too many people on this earth taking up
habitat from other species of animals. All you animal lovers out there
need to realize the implications of overpopulation…Sickness, disease,
famine, war, destruction of the earths resources. Why ?? So some ignorant
bitch on welfare can collect more money?

Mindy Pelkey says:

Terminate. To kill. So abort some of her babies. Abortion is murder

Ilovecats1989 says:

i dont blame her if it was me id do the samething i couldnt choose one and
not the other if i was her and for someone to judge her on that is sick

John Albers says:

Good lord these people talk alot of tripe. 

WachdByBigBrother says:

I love how these guys blame the doctor which says a lot about them not
taking women seriously. After all…..”She didn’t understand……..” Are
you kidding me?!

Natty Moon says:

that is a bad mother to have those done

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