Smile, Donghae! – Pregnant with Twins Belly Scene (Korean Drama 2010)

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She is BIG! such a cute pregnant girl! Albeit, the belly looks fake at some point when she posing & moving around, they have to make her big i suppose, cause she’s supposed to be carrying twins. She is pregnant teen in the drama series. In this clip, she is trying to earn some extra bucks for her baby by becoming a pregnant model 😀

She is not the main cast in this 159 episodes drama, this is episode #37, she then briefly gave birth at the next episode – #38. If not mistaken, this is the only care belly scenes of the entire long run drama.

I think most of you already seen most of the blockbuster, but very rare and seldom to see Asian pregnant storyline in movies & drama, with bare belly scene. I will keep on digging!


luv4lizzynana says:

Hey! That guy is from MBC Surprise!

Chell Ramierez says:

Very Nice

witnessdreamer says:

cute cute cute I love her !!!

vaberella says:

There wasn’t a bare belly one in Thorn Birds…I can’t remember.

kpopliciousable says:

omg…how can~? jooyeon act in saeyeong’s role in smile donghae??? and
after that they had a comeback with the album “virgin” anyways since i’m a
playgirlz i’ll support her and after school! fighting! lol

Olivia Jones says:

Can You Tell Me What Tv Show This Is From PLEASE

Judy Angela Parreñas says:

JUPAL so cuuuuute!!

ALgoVE15 says:

wich episode is this?

thechipmunck9769 says:

Excellent clip, keep up the good work !

TheLifelongdream says:

@simcyne as i mentioned in the info of this vid, it is a long-run Korean
drama made last year (2010). English title: Smile, Donghae! :)

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