Sadie – Drum Solo Belly Dance

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BlackCrowNavajo says:

I sincerely think Sadie should be formally regarded as pearl of the
humanity w/ her art and incredible natural talent..

Brittany Carriger says:

you guys can’t see it, but the baby is in fact groovin in their with her. 

Nejma A says:

wouah!!c’est magnifique!!de l’art!!c’est telllement beau et enceinte ca
prend une autre dimension c’est vraiement vraiment très beau!!un hymne à la

LA Chickee says:

That is SO feminine. Dancing like that pregnant. Awesome!!!!!!

Kem Cunningham says:

That must be one jiggly baby if she’s already had it.

janice harvey says:

that baby must be really relaxed in her belly

TheMusiclovesex says:

Belly dancing is the best form of exercise for a woman when she is
pregnant. Besides the baby is probably very relaxed by the motions…or
dancing with

Pete Reynolds says:

I love Sadie…. she is so dedicated and one of the crown jewels of
contemporary Belly Dance today.

Tayana Kelly says:

Hahah! this is soo awesome !! <3

sharzad says:

Poor baby, I can imagine a little something in a barrel full of water
shaking and stirring in a little space It must feel like a boat in the
middle of the ocean during a storm!!
Don’t get me wrong, she is my favorite, I love her and her dancing but I
feel bad for the baby

orlando cardenas says:


Shyla Streeter says:

I love how she put shiny stuff on her belly. Wonder how it feels to do
those undulations with a big thing in your tummy??

Tawny Smith says:

Incredible. Sadie is simply The Best.

C Albert says:

curious if your son has a fabulous sense of rhythm

Still Noideas says:


priya raya says:

question she is pregnant 

morenita morena says:

El niño tuvo que acabar mareado ajajja

Diana Orona says:

She Amazing! :) Speechless! 

DiyaRe says:

Sadie & Kaya the best dancer in the world! 

sharzad says:

Hi, thank you for sharing, very interesting point. I had heard something
like that too, but you know? I still worry about the baby, no matter how
good it could be in preparing for labor and regardless how wonderful Sadie
dances (she is my favorite)

Marina Nunes says:

Da pra ver o nenem se mexendo no 3:22

patrissia mouhel says:

tres gracieuse

Estella Marie Cortes says:

she is the best belly dancer in the have a beautiful body
sadie.your lots.

C Smith says:

So motherly and beautiful, I love you sista!

Ebrahim Hosenia says:
Donna Bennett says:

That is thee cutest!

claudia lentini says:

She’s my idol <3

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