RachhLoves Pregnancy Week #30 Update ♥ (& See Baby KICK in my tummy!!)

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Update from week 30 of the pregnancy! New pregnancy updates EVERY WEDNESDAY! #BabyLoves
Week 28: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNA7-rQWhGE

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Linda B says:


Jill Pals says:

Were you really hoping for a girl when you found out you were pregnant? You
look beautiful and I really enjoy getting a glimpse into your pregnancy!! :)

Busy Mama says:

You are such a cute momma to be! My youngest is 7 years old now, but I
swear I felt sympathy kicks when you showed your baby girl moving around,
lol! It’s truly a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? ☺

mya michelle says:

Are you going to be doing a nursery tour? :)

stylemeupgirls says:

Are you worried about losing weight after giving birth?

judybear20 says:

Lovely 😉

minibeautyy says:

omg that was so cool!!!

Paige L. says:

My aunt just had her 7th baby yesterday :) so excited for you!!

Hannah Christine says:

Do you have a name and will you share it?

megan wright says:

Rachel, i have a triple question. 1) do you plan on doing anything special
like doing so hand/foot prints in cement to hang up or so? 2) what are some
of your favorite names for her? 3) and a very odd question do you get
cravings besides food/drink? i would really appreciate if you would please
answer these 3 questions for me that’d be great. Thanks!

kirsty morris says:

Have you noticed any changes in your hair and skin?

Alison Stephens says:

I would love to see your journey into motherhood :) you are so happy about
your baby and I’m so happy for you :)

eimeare07 says:

Omg time is flying in!!! 30 weeks already! You’ll be a fantastic mom Rachel!

TheDutchAccent says:

Ahhhh so amazing to see baby kick!

Amanda Briceno says:

aaawww rach thats amazing!!!

Dani p says:

Omg, your belly!!!! Seeing her move was so cool :) pregnancy suits you
rachel, you look beautiful, and glowing.

Natalia Rojas says:

I´m so happy for you, my baby boy is now 4 months and is wonderful. Happy
pregnancy!! I´m from Chile in southamerica, bye Rachel!

Erica Filbeck says:

I lovee babies! I dont think i will ever have one though :(

Katinaa says:

Oh my goooood :)

Korocan1 says:

“Yes party” haha

GlambitionGirl19 says:

I love watching these pregnancy updates! Can’t wait for the baby to be born
:) She’ll be so cute!!

ReneeNGa2329 says:

I miss kicking inside the womb…I’ve had 3 pregnancies..4 kids..I wish I
would have recorded the movements..soooo precious!

hajegirl123 says:

You should do the baby name tag! I know that you and Chris are going to
wait until you see her to name her but it would be cool for all of us to
see what kinds of names you like :) love your videos! You are going to be a
great mom!

Emily Pharr says:

What’s her name??(:

graceniamh96 says:

Oh and seeing baby move was so beautiful :) x

MermaidMazy says:

seeing the baby move brings me back to exactly how that feels and how
wonderful it was..congratulations on your baby girl, you will be a
wonderful mommy :)

Faith Nicole says:

What’s your baby’s name going to be?

20abcd11 says:

Thanks for sharing :)) Rachel you are AMAZING :)) love you

Magidl Dkrldi says:

omg wow!! it is so alien to me seing a baby moving around inside. it’s so
weird, but at the same time fascinating. best wishes to you and your husband

Hannah Christine says:

It’s so exciting can’t wait to see the fitness videos

deleted sweg says:

Julia! @fathnicole

Michelle Legault says:

I miss being pregnant lol well I miss the kicking of baby :) my baby is
almost 5years old now lol

LittlePinkPlace says:

will you share her name when she is born?

85Onne says:

Your bump is way bigger than mine 😀 I’m 30 weeks tomorrow :) I feel like I
don’t have stomach muscles anymore, I try to get up and it’s just
impssible, it really makes me feel so helpless 😀

Celina says:

I love these weekly videos! I’m glad you’ve decided to only include her in
a couple of videos for us, even though many people tell you to do daily
vlogs. People clearly have no idea how time consuming video making is. I
hope that you never feel pressured to put out new videos, especially once
your baby girl is born. Your personal life with her and your family is so
much more important!

TheGalaxyGirl says:

I Totally respect your privacy and i think it is good that you are not
going to go too personal … because, Nobody would really want to go deep
into their lives with a bunch of strangers.. so i give 100% support IN

LumiLuna says:

I can’t stop eating oranges either! SO OBSESSED! But I’m not pregnant…
yeah I’ve been eating them non stop for a year now!

Jenn Wilson says:

your eyes look stunning!

Rosie Loughland says:

When you have your baby shower do a haul

ilyStephan1e says:

Thanks for the reply. :)

lollipopgi says:

Really cute seeing baby girl kicking :)

brunettebeauty56 says:

Amazing mother

Celinesbeautylife1 says:

Congrats with your baby girl! Loved seeing her kick! Thank you for the

Rosie Loughland says:

And a nursery room tour

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