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Just one more week until the big gender reveal!
Baby is doing very well, and thinks that kicking my bladder and my belly button are the best things in the world.

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8NAT3 says:

I think when you have your scan and find out the gender it will make a
difference as you said you can connect with the baby more! Its also not
that bad the further along you go I mean it’s more uncomfortable but it’s
bearable you will get through it.
Anxiety is normal everyone gets it during pregnancy and it’s all worth it
in the end…I’ve just found out I’m expecting baby number 3 and I’m
terrified of being pregnant again even though when it’s all over I look
back and think I could do that all over again :)

MommyMayI says:

Pregnancy is definitely uncomfortable. All of the things you are feeling
are completely normal! You will get more uncomfortable the further along
you get, but it’s not unbearable. You will just feel a bit more sore and
heavier. That’s great that your doctor wants to set up a support team for
you now. It will come in handy even if you don’t end up with postpartum
depression. I find that when you are pregnant everyone loves to give their
unsolicited advice about everything, and love to share horror stories about
being pregnant and giving birth. After I had my first I realised that it
wasn’t as bad as everyone made it out to be. It is uncomfortable, and
labour will suck, but it is all bearable and women keep having babies
because we recover and forget about the uncomfortableness of it all, and
the second you have your little baby all of the pain is gone. It feels like
a long journey there, but once you are there you will wonder how it passed
so quickly. Hopefully some of that makes sense! 

Shandy says:

I’m totally with you…. i’m 7 wks pregnant with twins and the all day
sickness has been rough but it’s gotten better…or i’ve gotten better at
managing it 😉 But whenever i make a comment explaining my experience thus
far (and i’m in the beginning) they make comments like “just you wait” etc.
It does put a damper on things, you just want someone to say “it’s going to
be ok” or “You will be fine”.

I’ve learned that there are those that complain about pregnancy and won’t
have children again and then there are those who are honest and say yeah i
had my issues but it was all worth it and i’d do it again in a min. Just
because 1 person had a bad experience doesn’t mean you will… i’m sure it
will be uncomfortable for you going forward but definitely bearable and
worth it :) I KNOW its going to be uncomfortable for me 😉 but again it
will be worth it :) 

Kristina Pratt says:

Oh yes I had to pee through every trimester all day and all night. By the
end of pregnancy I was about about 15 times per night! My hips and back
ached through every trimester and with my first pregnancy I had undiagnosed
gallstones so I was having 12 hour attacks that I was told were heartburn!
Trust me I completely understand everything you are talking about! I can’t
believe I went through it 4 times because it wasn’t pleasant but I will say
after the ultrasound was a really good moment because you see this tiny
person inside of you and it’s crazy amazing…it makes things a little
better. And not to sound cliche but really the moment you give birth you
forget the bad stuff and things are ok. I also suffered postpartum
depression especially with the fourth and I am still on Zoloft 16 months
later so if you ever need to talk or anything let me know and hopefully I
can be of help to you:)

Imtru6l says:

Eveythi g you are feeling is perfectly normal. When i was pregnant with my
daughter she stayed low until around 24 weeks i think it was then she
suddenly spread out then shoved her feet into my ribs where she stayed the
rest of my pregnamcy. 

Aleana W. says:

It very much depends on where baby is attached to where they kick. And as
baby gets bigger the kicks will change and with not much room you will
probably feel it in different places. It is a good idea for the counsel
now, but I also feel anxiety is normal as well. I thonk once you see the
baby you will connect and feel different especially once born. Having a
natural birth helps also
Good luck.

Momma oftwo says:

I dont know if it get worse farther along. The baby runs out of room so
they dont kick as much, but when they do kick its 10x harder. Just remember
momma, its allllll worth it. You will all forget it when you see his/her
little face!

Kayla Longoria says:

I agree with seeing a counselor now because it does seem like it’s taking
it’s toll. Normal is about 3-4 weeks of baby blues and crying because of
hormones and anxiety. Anything after that needs evaluated for ppd.

As far as being comfortable during the pregnancy. I think the babies
position has to do with where your getting kicked so maybe baby will move
and that will change but as baby gets bigger you will feel more of an
impact on your bladder and ribs etc. The baby has to grow and requires more
space so think of it as a positive thing and that your body is doing an
amazing thing! Research how to make yourself comfortable and talk about the
end weeks because as babies head descends there is pressure for weeks
before labor and it feels like a bowling ball at your pelvis. But guess
what!? It ends! Research how to get comfortable- body pillows etc

Yeeeep08 says:

It’s not THAT bad further alone…. What really bothered me most further
along in my pregnancy was restless leg syndrome, only a couple nights, and
my son would always kick my ribs. So I had a lot of pain in my ribs. Really
other than that it’s more of just a ‘I am SO tired of being pregnant, get.
this. baby. out. of. me. now’ feeling lolol. I delivered 4 weeks early
though, and thank God too because my son was 6 pounds 10 ounces, so if I
had gone to my due date he would of annihilated me XD. 

LilymaeAdventures says:

Cant wait to hear how your scan goes! :) 

Shelly Payne says:

Welcome to pregnancy Hun…my daughter was on my bladder a lot as well and
third trimester her feet were in my ribs…I could only sleep on my back or
right side as all comes along with being pregnant.. ppl shouldn’t
sugar coat stuff for ya..cause being pregnant does take a toll on your
body..I prayand hope u have natural birth..cause csections are not fun and
u are very limited

Jodie Keller-capangpangan says:

Beautiful baby bump! Yes it will get a little bit more uncomfortable as the
wight of pregnancy pulls on your back and hips. Try an exercise ball to sit
in while you study. Roll your hips in circles and back in forth. Take warm
showers or bathes ( not hot) heating pads help. I’m sure you know all of
this. Women have different pain tolerance so you may feel fine or at least
not much worse. Good luck on your tests! 

Kimberley Lampi says:

When or are you guys finding out what your having?

Bryana Edwards says:

I just found out about 2 weeks ago that im having a boy. I thought it was a
girl without a doubt, I also got mad when people would guess boy. I was
slightly disappointed at first. But now, I am so excited about having
another little boy.
As for movement… exact same here. Its mostly all super slow and baby will
ball up and it is horrendous on my bladder.
Also… feel how you feel. Who cares what everyone else thinks. We’re all

Natalia M says:

I do believe that seeing the baby in the scan change massively how you feel
about everything, even if you don’t find out the sex, you will see the
little baby moving and you will be so happy that it will help you tolerate
the pain. Please let us know about depression, I am concerned too as I
think it may happens to me just as it happens to my mum. Take care xx

Caroline Miranda says:

I did feel very uncomfortable the more I grew, but also, I still miss my
belly today, 5 years later. I miss the kicks, the turnings, strechings and
hick-ups … I miss it all but the nausea … I still dream about the
feeling of putting my hand on my belly and feeling my baby move …

Farrah Rangel says:

O man you really have bad anxiety I thought I did and yes it does get worse
but it doesn’t matter because you will have you beautiful baby with my
first baby I would cry myself to sleep it was bad but I have my sexy lil
man so it was worth it !!!!! 

Kate Mcnic says:

“SHE ….will curl up in a ball on the right side of my belly, and make me
really lopsided!…..”
you didn’t call “it” or “baby” … Hope you get a little princess to spoil!
Boys are so much so fun too… :) Goodluck! 

Kristina Pratt says:

I found that the first of my 4 pregnancies was more painful for kicks and
movement and I think it’s because it’s a first pregnancy and everything is
being poked and stretched for the first time. I think the third trimester
is hard because of peeing all the time and achiness

Connie M says:

I am 19 weeks four days today. When is your due date? 

Caroline Banning says:

You reference to the baby as she! Haha! Mothers instinct! I guess we will
find out soon!!!!!

Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

<3 Sorry you’re uncomfortable. Glad you’re getting the chance to chat with
someone ahead of time to make sure all is good once baby comes! xo

Jennifers Dream3 says:

Awe cute bump :-)

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