Pregnancy Belly Progression video weeks 6-39

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Here is my belly progression video. My belly got huge at the end!! There are also some pictures of Kingston at the end. He was born on 9/7/2012 weighing 9lb 3oz. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Veron Thi says:

Gorgeous family! Thanks for doing that☺ helps me knowing what to expect

geojimeu says:

I love how you grew larger in the thighs, hips, and butt, in addition to
your belly.

Shantavia Irving says:

I’m in love with the song ,, what is it called ?

geojimeu says:

Who is the singer?

Yo Mamma says:

This girls arms are freakishly long

Synettra Thomas says:

Love it!!!

shawna skinner says:


Fatima Torres says:

He is so cute

Aeron Peets says:

i when their pregnant it looks so sexy

Leah White says:

She looks young 

Synettra Thomas says:

Love it!!!

Whispers Ro-Closet says:

oh…beautiful family…congrats…again..WOW


nice, thats a freaking healthy baby. What a cutie…all of you.

P.s. to all the “young looking” comments, young is the best time to give
birth, sadly the best age starts in teens, no matter how much you might
hate it. /:

Edward Osorio says:

just so adorable im aso looking for a young lady that wouldv want be
pregnant and have a baby

Brittany Roberts-Jess says:

That’s such a cute baby

Elizabeth Falls says:

What a gorgeous baby

RockGirlProductions says:

Omg, how old r u in the first part? U LOOK YOUNG

cu devultchi says:

u r so pretty

Whispers Ro-Closet says:

look…the bigger you were getting…the more i kept saying
omg…..congrats…im 27 weeks, and doc says my uterus is high…he has not
changed my due date….not hoping for a 9 pounder either….lol…WOW

msladiboo12 says:

his kissy lips so cute

Nailpolish Queen says:

U don’t know Whether she wanted a baby or not and how old she was so don’t
judge unless u know all the facts

zayshavon3 says:

Awww that’s cool Kingston was born 9/7/12 and I’m due 9/9/13 can’t wait to
meet my bundle of joy

Stephanie Pruitt says:

Watching this video was amazing. When I was pregnant, I didn’t start
showing until my 6th month of pregnancy. You started showing at 6 weeks.
Wow… Anywho, Kingston is really cute!

gemcheshire says:

gorgeous – congratulations x

ivycharlaine says:

thanks so much and congrats to you girl!!!!!

Greatusername44 says:

Wow you got really big!

ashleysmith6211 says:

Do you really get that big?

iamhanxx says:

first baby?

Depressed Prince Oblivion The Hedghog says:

He looks so happy :-) you are pretty and you have a nice family

andreasblog21 says:

Big boy! Cute vid congrats 3

Creneisha Kelson says:


UnderworldSelene01 says:

he is cute 😀

Brittany McKee says:

Aw cute!!!!(: Your son look like you. How you make video? I loved your video

ItsTiaTiaBaby says:

you are so pretty :)

Isabell Flores says:

Best looking baby I seen

moni4eva1 says:

i love how he had his lil lips poked out on the first collage picture :)
lol hes a lil cutie ^.^ and congrats !!

Maleah Raven says:

You’re so pretty and you’re hair is gorgeous and you have such a beautiful

Aiden Ashby says:


ramiyaowens33 says:

Really big

FeeFresh718 says:

He very cute

kgaryswifey says:

Dang you were huge! Lol. Your son is adorable- congrats! My cousin had a
baby back in Nov and his name is Kingston.

BrittanyBUTTER says:

AWWW I’m going to cry and its not even my baby

Sophie Norfleet says:

So Cute!:)

BlackAngel Playah says:

So very cute. You and baby!! And hubby!!!! Can’t forget about him. :)

Sherifa Ali says:

You’re simply gorgeous & so is your baby! Congratulations <3

Melanie Davis-Sanchez says:

Beautiful family

juelz4uja says:

Hit me back some time

BLANCA659 says:

Wow what a journey… Always remained beautiful, GOD bless.

Sarah Gibson says:

Love the song too! Your sis is talented.

DjFingerHerGently says:

Your hair is beauitiful

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