Pregnancy AFTER tummy tuck *36 weeks*

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9 months pregnant! Lots of pain, muscles ripping, and mood swings! But tummy tuck seems to be holding up well through it all. Only 19 more days to go until the c-section!


Kellawanda says:

It’s crazy we really looked exactly the same to a certain point then I
started to show more around 28 weeks or so….people still say “you’re so
small!” so I bet they are even saying that towards you. I wonder if its
more uncomfortable since everything is compressed so tight! But I dont have
anything to compare it to since its my first.

Cassandra M says:

This is my third, and it is WAY more uncomfortable! with my others, they
just kind of grew out.. my stomach was huge with my son… it was the
reason I needed the tummy tuck in the first place, with my daughter (2nd
pregnancy) I was smaller than my first, but I really watched what I ate…
This one is the worst one yet… but I think thats from the tummy tuck.
Just a lot of pain, And VERY uncomfortable! However, I havent gained weight
or new stretch marks, so in those terms Its the best one yet.

Amy Lynn says:

Looks great! But you have gotten bigger…it’s awesome you haven’t gained
any weight..wish I could say that lol! I’m doing my video in a few!

SteffystefElite says:

you look awesom im pregnant to hope I look just as good. lol

TheMAMAB123 says:

You look great! 19 days, hurry up and get here!

Cassandra M says:

Thanks guys- Its always funny when people say “you look great” If only you
could see how i FEEL Lol. Amy- Definately gotton bigger! there is a
definate noticeable pregnancy bump… most people can tell im pregnant and
not just fat now lol. I Think i will end up making it the full 19 more days
at this rate.

carinacrolla says:

Yeah im with kellawanda. I also looked about the same size for weeks n
weeks then popped out and had my biggest growth spurt towards the end.
People still thought I was small… have an incredibly small bump if
thats the case so its no wonder ur uncomfortable. It was a killer for me
towards the end as I went past my due date. Its been 2 weeks since ive had
my baby and if im honest my tummy didnt just spring back like some girls
do…..but ill explain all that and do an “after” video today.

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