Pregnancy after tummy tuck 30 weeks pregnant

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I will try to post weekly until birth. I’m 30 weeks now and my due date is March 12. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Also, you can check out my coupon blog on the daily deals:


Aliana051 says:

Girl you gotta be kidding me, I am also due on March 12th.

Money SavingGirl says:

I started to show at or around 4 or 5 months. No new stretch marks yet.

Amy Lynn says:

When did you start to show? I had a TT 4 1/2 years ago and am currently
trying for baby #3.

Money SavingGirl says:

I’ll be posting a new video soon, sorry baby came 2 weeks early so I’ve
been super busy. But I have lost 20 pounds so far!! I still have 20 more to
go though : (

Amy Lynn says:

20 lbs lost is great! Cant wait for the update! I’m now 12 weeks pregnant
with baby #3 after having a TT 5 yrs ago.

TheMJD100 says:

Hi! Wondering how it all turned out for you? Would you post a new video now
that babe is born? (I guess if babe is born yet….pretty soon if not!) Im
currently 38 weeks pregnant after TT. Up 40lbs and a few new stretchmarks.

Amy Lynn says:

Thanks for the info! I just uploaded my 1st Pre prego video. :)

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