POLICE BRUTALITY – Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman In The Stomach For Questioning Him

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Daryl Buck says:

Clearly a case of attempted murder of an unborn child.

Daryl Buck says:

And Disgusting either way.

Halabala Dooliboo says:

This is disgusting. This is the kind of thing that causes me to not respect
police, or what they do. I hope karma comes back on them, and the few of
them that are decent are watched over and protected, while the filthy slimy
ones that do shit like this get what’s coming to them

Dennis Def says:

Sorry but that cop like others just need to go in jail. Let cops do a
common core test of a 8grade one , if they fail they won’t past the test
then he is out of job. Bet that more than 80% will fail.

Mike Valentine says:

And when the officer said, “What kind of a human being would kick a
pregnant women” hat kind of man kicks a women … then sooo fucking hard
shes brushed … and shes black and you SEE the bruise. WOW

Bruce Ulanet says:

The police a merely thugs that wear blue that have a license to abuse
others as they see fit. Fuck them, they serve none but themselves anymore.

terrafirma91 says:

Wheeler claims he was taught the stomach kick at the academy. This is true.
However, most people don’t know that police academies are now FOREIGN
owned. Foreign owned corporations are now training American police. 

Jennifer Walker says:

internal affairs are always going to look out for their own…u cant trust
those fuckers either

Adam Scoggins says:

Oh my god .she is lucky

Dan J says:

I had dealings with some fukken drunk bitches on the job. Fukken no-good
bitches are just as violent as any guy. I would have pushed her the fuck
away myself. Cops have been stabbed to death from fukken family members
while making arrests. Fukk all you trouble-making, violent bastards out

Adam Davis says:

Pig is the appropriate term. 

Paul Cox says:

Got to wonder what they teach these scum in the police academy if the
entire hierarchy of department officials all the way up to internal affairs
cleared this piece of shit. After doing a little more searching on this I
found out that it’s not the first time complaints for excessive force were
filed against him, he also went to the wrong house on a 911 call out and
shot a dog that was on a leash, this guy is an incompetent moron.

MischiefMeerkat says:

“not available for comment” or ” didn’t want to comment” always means “we
need time to drum up an excuse of some kind and get rid of some evidence”

Bob Deth says:

kick this cop’s fucking face in.

Noah Christopher says:


Michael Custance says:

This fuckhead should be castrated and fed his own balls… same goes for
every supervisor AND the internal affairs officer who signed off on the
dismissal of the investigation… and I don’t mean that figuratively… I
mean literally tied to a chair and their nuts removed with rusty fishing
knives then fed their own nuts before being allowed to bleed out ….

Mynameis Nunya says:

I bet this shit wouldn’t happen if her name was Laci Peterson……

electrojones says:

The cop should be killed.

M Rampo says:

The police is right that’s their minority policy

DSTcenterpOiNtE says:

Cops like this need to see REAL JUSTICE: Post their addresses on social
media. Let them be handled by the streets. 

Mike Valentine says:

Fuck that shes BLACK .. cause I know that make some of yall look as her as
not human or something for that .. shes OBVIOUSLY pregnant and gorgeous by
the way .. ho could you. That how a lot feel in secret though I get it.
Its spill like this that show a WHOLE lot ho fucking could you!!

alicia Diamantee says:

white piece of crap

shadowmink888 says:


Abida Babida says:

p.o.s faggot cop.

Tom M says:

She is lucky she did not get shot dead.

Mike Getsi says:

What !?!?? You mean to tell me that the investigation that the cops
conducted on themselves concluded that there was no wrong doing? What a
shocker. This typical thug cop should be hung for what he did. 

Mia Floyd says:

She is right he sould go to jail for hitting a woman a pregent woman in the
stomach he could have hurt that baby and he should be fired you dont kick
anyone even if they aren’t pregent that was not right and he should be in

Why are they teaching cops to kick other people that just doesn’t make any
sense,how would you like if someone kicked you in the stomach thats not
very comfortable??

Not A Crybaby says:

That’s why we need to shut down the state

Cat22612 says:

Jesus did you see that huge bruise on her abdomen? My god, what the hell
is wrong with these damn police officers??

oregontrailrunner says:

this is all part of obama care.. free at home abortions surprised he didn’t
get in trouble for not causing a miscarriage 

Crobular I says:

What low life animal would kick a pregnant lady ?. This pig is a low life
scummer. Well, there is black treatment and there is white. No doubt about
it. There is also natural justice if the lady can wait. Cop should be
bloody well ashamed of himself, the prick.

healthhavencom says:

If a man kicks a pregnant woman in the stomach, is he still a man?

John Smith says:

POLICE BRUTALITY – Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman In The Stomach For Questioning

Faisal Faruqi says:

Hmmm! And Obama wants to solve other countries problems. Why doesn’t he fix
his own fucken country that is falling apart with people of his own race
living in slavery. 

TheSmartAzzy1 says:

Dynamite enema for that pig would be justice.

tahquameken says:

Why are the police gods? Because they decide whether you live or die. This
woman and her baby lived because this was such a generous god. Had she been
homeless she might not have been so fortunate. She should probably
be bowing down and licking his boots, and what have you for showing such

healthhavencom says:

Welcome to another exciting episode of… PIGS GONE WILD !!!

Stay tuned for more ridiculous non-sense, from your favorite piglets.

Kelvin Johnson says:

From what he has said it was dark,,you can’t tell the difference from male
or female..Something else the acadamy should have taught you,know who and
what are around you.Defuse the situation not take it to another level,all
comes down to if he was rushed or not he got scared..now this makes 3 times
on using force,,What now?

alex neil says:

i can see it happening soon when people start fighting back, people are
getting tired of illegal so called cops getting by with crimes. 

skirts365 says:

He was taught this violence at the police academy. So now they ADMIT their
purpose is to express hatred towards the public.

davred1 says:

Funny how the various police depts always have an excuse not to comment.

Dominick Carbonara says:

anthonydeleeuw go jump off a building, nobody wants your comments at all. 

arlesha Brewer says:

The sad thing is I keep seeing nothing but racist comments. Come on if it
had been a white woman in that very same situation would you have those
same comments. Why don’t the ones who only know what they see on YouTube
and T.V. stop commenting on black people until you know more then the
popular ones that win or have won games for their high school sports teams.
It’s so sad that people can still think like this.

602Laoguy says:

Sick motherfucker ..this cop need to be put in jail 

Rasmus Lykke says:

The academy teach them to kick pregnant women in the stomach ?

Wally Nachos says:

So they teach thugs in the police academy to kick pregnant women in the
stomach? Cops are out of control.

TheJohanIII says:

WTF is going on in the US ? !!!!!

boboski dotdot says:

if you side with the police on this.then someone should have stomped your
whore mothers stomach.actually, mabey they did.that’s why you turned out so
fucking stupid.

guts knucklebone says:

did you see that hitler youth skinhead fucking pig? obviously joined the
pig sty just so he COULD kick pregnant ladies in the gut and get away with
it. That maggot needs to be squished and thrown in the fire!!

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