Orangutan fixated with my pregnant belly. WOW its amazing

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This orangutan at Colchester Zoo was amazing it was fixated with my pregnant belly and would not leave me alone even when I moved around the corner to another viewing window it walked around everyone standing there until it found me again and then sat down in front of me doing this again. You have got to watch this.


Rafael Mertin says:

lmfaoo kinda funny

PandoraBVV says:

Thank You for sharing this amazing and beautiful moment with us. However I
must say that the people with you were extremely annoying in the video. All
that cackling and guffawing was rather disgusting and ruined the audio of
this vid. It would have been nice to have heard only you and the beautiful
male orang interacting. 

elsiebea says:

The orang is a boy. I think he thinks you look vaguely like someone he used
to date, but he was going through a hard time in his life back then and
drinking heavily in those days, so the memory’s kind of hazy for him. But
from what little he remembers, he suspects the baby might be his. Being
that nowdays he’s sobered up and quit drinking, he just wants to be a
stand-up guy and do the right thing by you. Actually, I think it’s the
color of your shirt. Nice vid! Oh, and congrats on baby!

kalai131 says:

oh i thought the orangutan was going to interact with your pregnant belly,
it would have been more interesting to see that.

samuel eduardo minond says:


brdlju3 says:

Such a memorable moment for you to share with your baby..that’s really
sweet :-)

dianachap1 says:

Amazing !!!

toadsEATbugs says:

well, why are you so fixated by him?

Daniel Moeller says:

I just spat my drink out all over my keyboard….

12valvepower1 says:

we are not so far off of primates mate.

kiloggolik says:

Nice breasts

samuel eduardo minond says:

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