(Ivf twins) 35 weeks 4 days pregnant (belly shot)

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Wannabemummy1 says:

hehe i no, cant wait to see what ur ickle girl looks like x

Treva 10 says:

Wow,seems like time flew by.u r almost there.And still no stretch marks.

Wannabemummy1 says:

thankyou, yes im sooo tired sleeping all day is not enough at the moment

JPouch BabyBlog says:

Happy Mother’s Day! Growing sooooo much. Hope you settle into your new
place soon :))

Ribring says:

No worries about CTG. This is normal in Germany. With me, they checked the
babies’ heartbeats from the 30th week.

awaitingmyangel says:

The time is near:). You look great but a bit tired, make sure you rest up!
So exciting can’t wait to see them babies!

Wannabemummy1 says:

ah thanks babes, i was getting a little worried as there still yet to get a
phone call of them so i can ask… x

mollychanel1 says:

Wow almost time :-) you’re doing a great job carry those beautiful babies.

lunababyvlogs says:

We are so much closer to meeting our babies!! :)

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