How to make yourself look pregnant扮孕

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Jeniko says:

why would anyone want to look pregnant? I mean other than for a social
experiment or a human development class.

Brittany Mariexx says:

who else thought she was 13 untill she showed herself?

Ashlynn Butler says:

eeewwwwwww no one wants to see you flat boobs!!!!! p.s your very ugly

heaven milk says:

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floralglitterlace says:

is she wearing pants?

kend wilso says:


Deandre Taylor says:

you know if you use another blanket or another pillow you can make your
fake belly bigger and more rounder also find a way to tighten your fake
belly so it fells like the real thing oh for a good belly button try a
small marble

Sebastian Lara says:

umm cool

Andrew Lin says:


Genesis Callegari says:

Perfect! You look really pregnant!

Sue Smiley says:

??????? Cool? Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Kansh Tahkox says:

Yeyyeah. I like that. Very nice.

Kim Matthews says:
Jonatan Ferreira says:

fazo parto

Samantha Smith says:

is she wearing any pants

tara johnson says:

That’s soo cool

fonz02152001 says:

Will say the same… I miss MsGigantess and wondered what had happened to
her account. Would REALLY appreciate it if she returned and would suggest,
if she wants, that she disable comments and age-restrict… That MIGHT
reduce some of the nastiness. Also, SHAME on those who had posted nasty
comments to her vids! You ppl ran off one of the best YouTubers, IMO… A
young lady who wasn’t afraid to share that bit of her life with the rest of
us… Sad. Also (I know you guys will hate me for this), if she did request
this copy be took down, then, out of respect, I will try to flag it for
removal… Anything, if she would just return… WE MISS YOU, MS.

Dawn Polhamus says:

She got fed up from creepers and people trying to get her to do things she
was not comfortable with… She also asked people flag this video to remove
it as she is rather upset with the entire thing.

FireEmblemFan says:

Thank you I was quite curious

Cori Lynch says:

A button

Allison Barrett says:


Rocksandmetal says:

What the actual fuck?

danny stamp says:

Lol cool

Geena Breddy says:

ha ha cool

FireEmblemFan says:

what happened to the original account of this video?

Harley Quinn says:

looks amazing. Great job.

Camero Fan says:

I saw on Facebook that the person who made this msgiantess1 wants this
taken down because she’s pissed off about people posting nasty comments on
her vids in my opinion i never put anything like that on there but if you
come back I’m sorry and probably speaking for the rest of your fans they’re
sorry they didnt mean to run u off they just liked ur vids i did read i few
however but there was another way you could of made it were no one could
comment if you didnt want that

kate jones says:

Blimey you do ; D

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