Heavily pregnant with a belly ache

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I actually made this video a few weeks ago. 1 of my sisters wanted to feel me after I woke up and I showed her what I usually feel like in the morning. I had a belly ache from the aliens moving so much during the night. the mother alien kicked the middle & bottom of my belly nonstop since I went to sleep. its baby was kicking the sides of my belly while it was squirming around. my belly was jiggling & jumping up really fast. whenever the mother alien kicked my belly would jump up over 7 inches high from every kick. sometimes sleeping isn’t easy when they kick all night. when I woke up the mother alien was kicking the bottom of my belly which I was rubbing. I figured id walk a little bit to calm them down. at the end of the video they were kicking 6 times as HARD. my belly really felt like it was gunna pop. I had just turned 5 months in this video. my belly is so big from the aliens growing. I looked like I was full term.

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Julian Cumbia says:

want to have pregnant sex?

Maxwell Farman says:

If you push my into your womb I will become a baby again. You can let me
out quicker. Isn’t that odd?

Brian McCarty says:

God, you are so fucking sexy! I wish I could just crawl up into your uterus
and live inside you forever and hope you never give birth to me.

Влада Фёдорова says:

Животик у неё болит наверное!

Bob Sherlock says:

So, you told me that your second daughter is pregnant too?

shane walsh says:

Omg so sexy i would love to rub ur belly

zeina youssef says:

You might wanna throw up

GlitchedBrony says:

I would gladly rub your belly whenever you’d like ;D

Anthony Ferro says:

you have a sexy butt! :) Is it always that big or because of the pregnancy?

Chris whitman says:

I can’t believe there’s no stretch marks. Every video you post you’re
bigger and bigger. You’re about to pop 😉 

zeina youssef says:

Where is your husband

kiroanis says:

how many babies u r pregnant with ?

Tyrok Tabor says:

Oh I want to cuddle with you and rub that beautiful belly of yours!

steven pandise says:

when are you due?

aris derbayern says:

oh my god ! such an video make my penis is standing and i’d like to rub,
kiss, and fuck pregnant women in the world. Haaaaaa !

Ian Knight says:

can i have the pictures and the full length of the video?and how to chat
with you?

iosef stalin says:

Absolutely sexy. I agree with some others, great ass.

Chris whitman says:

This is the best video. I bet that belly is very heavy. I wish I could help
you out of bed and rub your belly to make it feel better 

Bob Sherlock says:

I would love to cuddle with you in that bed. 

fesha smith says:

why did the belly ached came 

zeina youssef says:

Are you American 

Aindrew Wilson says:

I just found myself a bit weird, cuz for some reason your pregnant belly
looks kinda hot for me…omg what happened to me

Pete Guthrie says:

can i live in your womb forever.the wrold is dangerous.so can you come with
me, and me within your body forever.growing a biger and bigger belly

Maurice Peligrino says:

Can I get updates and videos of your belly 

shane walsh says:

Were is the full video you only posted 3:00 of it itis twelve minutes long
come on +J Roy 

Tyrok Tabor says:

Could you email me at 2tyroktabor@gmail.com?

Seymour Butts says:

((I see sometimes you talk about how you are pregnant with aliens so i must
ask)) How did the aliens get inside of you? 

Beef Supreme says:

Damn! Pregnant girl got a hot body!

Corgis Die says:

Ouch. That looks painful. I would’ve rubbed your belly if you wanted a
belly rub.

steven pandise says:

how many are you having?

miss wild 95 x says:

Hi there Hun. I absolutely love your pregnant belly. any chance of seeing
any more of you rubbing it ? Xxx 

John Bill says:

Can you email me the full video? ;)

Steven Stone says:

u should make more videos like this

1945roosevelt says:

Have the aliens arrived yet? BTW, you are really pretty.

Leigh Maylan says:

You look amazing with your belly <3 that belly looks like it needs someone
to rub and play with those babies inside it

artur soithber says:

¿podrías pasarme el enlace original , o donde podría encontrar la pagina
donde lo ayeaste tu?

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