Growing Twin Pregnancy Belly!

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A pregnancy time lapse of my twin belly. Enjoy :)

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najatch79 says:

A really really nasty looking belly, but the kids are to cute!


I didn’t get half as big with my twins, beautiful video. 

Abby McGinnis says:

I love your videos I watch them everyday

Olivia Curlee says:

She looks like she is 15 and exactly like Bella Thorne!

ali xena says:

wow, you got VERY big VERY quickly!! amazing what the female body can
handle. and two gorgeous wee darlings, well done you.

Grace Peters says:

How big was your belly around? Haha

8she8 says:

It’s just amazing what a women bodies can do. I was so worried about your
tattoo but then I realized it was probably the least of your concerns by
then. Beautiful vid.

Aquascape says:

You go from being a young girl to being a woman in this video, which is
quite sad but also positive 

Nicole Stephens says:

When you’re about 34-35 weeks that’s how big I was at 40 weeks with one
baby girl. :)

Shayna Hart says:

Don’t mind the hateful comments they just haters cuz you are pretty and
they are jealous but wow big belly who cares it’s beautiful 😀 u are so
beautiful Jess they are just jealous you are so beautiful <3

Sabrina Flores says:

Even tho Im not having twins (or am I?) Im 11 weeks and Im BARELY

Liszae Bell says:


Tiffani Hardy says:

I looked like you during 9 months when you were in 13 months.

bestiez13 says:

I love the song that was playing

Ashley Trent says:

aww how precious, iam 12 weeks and pregnant with twins and iam already
showing a little…

Yeni L says:

DAMN that’s a huge belly. Old wives tale says if your tummy is pointy that
means boy and if its round that’s a girl. Also if you have a girl you get
swollen. You didn’t at all.

Elizabeth Dacosta says:

I can’t believe so many people keep asking why her stomach is so “weird” or
pointed looking..she has TWO babies in there and she is tiny.. The human
body does what it must to create space for that. I’ve never seen a multiple
pregnancy with a perfect baby bump…that would be weird.

Abby Deckard says:

It looked like a big pimple

Tim Fioravanti says:

aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KJ & JK!

Margaret Perona says:

I thought her belly looks kind of like a torpedo

dsmickiemouse11 says:

damn she is all babies!!

Emma Green says:

her belly looks really odd at the end

sarria silo says:

Awwwwww So worth all the labor pains

Giykese Bailey says:

Ugly ass

Frenchie Medina says:

Your stomach was crazy lol I love it

greenrocks1011 says:

From 30 on. Your stomach looked fake

SarahAshlieLove says:

Boyce Avenue Cover <3

Sarah Mae Baxter says:

You are so pretty 

Pete Guthrie says:

we love you

Kiara E. Rivera says:

So cute keep your babies safe you are so cute ad i liked your hair when it
was blond and wavy

Shayna Hart says:

Her belly mostly popped at 13 weeks

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