Fat pregnant belly in a tight shirt!

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I am fat and 6 months pregnant now. I apologize to my fans for my up and just disappearing. I had some really rough moments that needed my FULL attention but I am back..kinda. Current weight is 178 pounds 40 inch belly and the shirt is the first time i have worn it in 2 years.


Ferdek77Mocny says:

Are you going to send new videos?

Anubis1262 says:

Any updates? You still alive? Lol

Bryan Smith says:

Fat still u are???

Danyelle Boulter says:

Im sorry this isnt neccesary but when my brothers girlfriend was pregnant
with one kid she was 4 times the size of your belly on there but u r
really big too

Danyelle Boulter says:

congrats on the baby thts a big belly then just be carefull when doing tht
it can hurt the baby

Joshua Solomon says:

You must be huge! Hope we get one more update.

2PistolsOG says:

Congrats on the baby! And it’s good to see you back. Your videos are epic.
There’s a big difference belly wise from your previous videos. Looking
great. Can’t wait to see more. 😉

Ray_Ray says:

Ur not even pregnant!!!!

david pulley says:

are you still fat

BellySnorg says:

Really, REALLY want to fap…but not sure about it after seeing Jacob

Joshua Solomon says:

Oh my god!! Such an adorable belly, and I am such a skeptic that I had to
go back to check your videos to see what your belly looked like and youve
ballooned! I love it! Keep going and congratulations. :)

sweetbelly3000 says:

Damn I wish you could stay prego forever!!!

Anubis1262 says:

Please upload more of your pregnant belly…

Anubis1262 says:

Congrats! Can’t wait to see more of that growing belly.

Joshua Solomon says:

I hope all is well.. miss your vids. :3

alanah jones says:

please update :) you look great !

Joel C says:


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Joel C says:


Joel C says:


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