Dog Protects Pregnant Belly!

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Ello Ello Friends,

Today’s Vlog:
Dog protects pregnant belly,
Making homemade broccoli soup,
Prenatal workout time,
Stop stealing my panties!
Babymoon BOOKED!
Thankful for little things in li

Love Bubz, Tim, Chubbi & Domo xox

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dazzlingsparks18 says:

i was just watching the olg vlogs before you dyed you heir again, tbh i
really like this hair its has a gruadlly ombre effect <3 i still love the
new one tho but i personally like this better but you know its your own
hair, do whatever you want with it, i dont have the right to judge :)

wanderingdude777 says:

you people are adorable

Lenae Acosta says:

you make me laugh I watch you videos for a good vibe

Dani Garcia says:

That You Who Came from the Stars music! <3

daniela montesino says:

Hey Bubz Do U Hav A Pool Table Their Entertaining U Can Play

placeclevertitlehere says:

Rewatching this vlog and I still find it hilarious how in-sync you guys

biskpinch says:

when bubz said, “Why do dogs like to do that? they like to be on top” I
literally said, “That’s what she said” at the same time Tim did xD LOL

jasmine michaelson says:

everytime i see yor vlogs and it makes me hungry (>.<) especially the ramen

Danny2NE1 says:

5:43 Final Fantasy? xD <3

Shinji D says:

lol i eat like 3 times the amount of what u eat omfg xD I feel so fat :D

Nancy Nguyen says:

Omg Domo does not look real but I know he is tho….

raecat90 says:

Aww so cute how Chubbi protects your belly. :)

Kien Dao says:

you are the best person to do a YouTube video or vlogs

Bella Luna says:

What is the background music from? It sounds like from a Korean drama

Kabbie -Kyra says:

there is some serious bass in her intro

Heather Crabb says:

I don’t see no dog protecting.nobody

Serena Duarte says:

Forget the splash of chicken stock pour I’d pour the whole thing!

Vicky Wen says:

Bubz! I’m really loving these vlog videos <3 And is the background music
from kdrama?? Hehehe 

Clay Callison says:

How the f*** do you live like that, just video taping yourself all the
time? You have no life of your own.

CharlotteAndWhiskey says:

“That’s what she said” “”Tim does workout moves”” Hilarious! You guys are
so cute

kalidilerious says:

Can I be on your show? I just want to be randomly in the background
drinking beer. I never say anything I just calmly drink beer, I think it
will add good touch to your show. 

Sophiesticated says:

Tim’s always like whatever. I don’t care. He doesnt even act like a
husband, more like a brother or something o.o

autumn sakura says:


Heather Crabb says:

This is weirx

lee joyce says:

Awh! Chubbi and domo are so sweet!!!! 

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