Comparing Twin Belly Pictures vs. A Singleton Pregnancy. Unseen Photos + Updated Postpartum Pics.

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(Pregnancy #3 & #4 with babies 3,4,and 5 included.) I put this video together after pulling up all of the belly pictures I took during my 3rd singleton pregnancy back in 2005 (I was 29), & all of my twin pregnancy belly pictures (34)..many of which were never shared, and compared the two pregnancies to one another. How much bigger did my belly get with twins? How much faster did it grow? You watch and be the judge.

I know I was comparing my twin belly to these photos as I went along while still pregnant to see how I was fairing. It may interest other twin moms to be to watch this and see the comparison in real life time as their pregnancy begins and continues.

I also share some more twin postpartum pictures. My other video was a long time ago and not updated since like 7 weeks postpartum. Now my girls are 2 and 1/2 and its been quite awhile, so I’m sharing more.

I wish we had digital cameras with my first two pregnancies. In ’95 & ’96 we only had stupid film cameras. That makes me sad imagining how many more photos I would have :( If I dig up anything there I’ll surely share. Lord knows I didn’t take weekly pics. That’s a darned shame in looking back. I love the digital age only wished it came sooner.

And to avoid the question being asked..I get it a lot, no I never got any stretchmarks during my singleton or twin pregnancies. I have tips for helping to avoid them here and also on my blog. You can fight the good fight, but if they is not the end of the world and would have been totally worth it to me.

Enjoy the video, and if you are pregnant with twins…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

(A 3 year postpartum with twins photo shoot will be coming in a few short months. OMG how the time flies!!!)




Alex Kubetin says:

fantastic body! wow! i’ll be 6 weeks along tomorrow with my first baby. i
hope my body bounces back like yours did! c:

Jewaria Luu says:

What a beautiful body! Great inspiration! 

Twinpossible says:

Yes, I used Palmer’s Belly Butter & later on I added the soothing oil by
the same brand. Cheap yet seemingly effective :). Thanks for viewing!

Twinpossible says:

Awe…thank you soo much for your very lovely comments. You are an absolute
doll:). Much appreciated. Have an awesome week! xoxo

Shelley yay says:

You looked and LOOK great!

Alexis Horton says:

im only 14 and pregnant but i havent told my parents yet. and i never wnted
it to happen

lilianacsrdenas says:

Love tha dress at 6:15 love it and cute bbys thy are a blessing :’) and
love the song

Sia Ais says:

You look great!!!! did you use any creames or oils?

usmcgirl19 says:

I’m not a mom but I am a twin. To heck with your thought process, She
look’s great throughout her whole pregnancy, BOTH actually so why don’t you
keep your idiotic thought’s to yourself.

Jennifer Reece says:

howd you get your body back in perfect shape?

Twinpossible says:

PS- Thanks for the compliment :).

Elle Nova says:

you still look sexy while being pregnant with twins. how did you do that?

TheHealthnow says:

Wow unbelievable you look great after both pregnancies. but please tell me
what do u do to get that flat again do u do exercise?

Twinpossible says:

You are one SICK, SICK puppy! boobs are in the exact same shape as
they were prior, thank you very much. If you are just some nut job looking
for a topless pic to prove it to you..think again. You telling women to NOT
have twins. Yes, how would one go about doing that? Why would they..twins
are blessings!!!!! You are SICK! I hope you are never blessed with any
kids, as vain and uneducated as you are. Go back into lurkdown, butt head!

Darena B says:

Your girls are so cute! And the fac t

Telaya White says:

Sexy outfit at 1:40! Totally my style :)

Miss Lilly Dickinson says:

03:57 Oh my gosh you are soo beautiful in this clip!

TheOneAndOnlyMe92 says:

Interesting how the brown haired twin looks exactly like the singleton but
the blonde twin looks like her own person :)

quaysha1 says:

Very beautiful babies

Fruitytooty Loops says:

How do u keep in shape that’s amazing!!!!

Darena B says:

sorry i ment the fact that you got your figure back so quickly was awesome
dont let the haters bring you down! = )

Twinpossible says:

Hi, thanks for the kind comment. I don’t know about perfect. At my age
things are never like they were at 20, BUT I attribute my mid section 100%
completely and totally to my Squeem belly binder. Using that devoutly for
12 weeks after my twins was a lifesaver as I expected to need a mommy tuck
and diastasis recti surgery for sure. I was able to avoid both of my fears.
It was the best $ I EVER spent. Thanks 4 watching!! XOXO

Viridiana Chaidez says:

Wow. Are you a model? Jlo didn’t even look that good after having her
twins… Whatever you do, you do a great job at it :-) You are an example
to many women, since a lot (not all, I understand everybody is
different…but a lot) use pregnancy as an excuse to put on a lot of weight
because of that ‘eating for two’ thing

JNLL09 says:

You look great! dont let these pervert haters bring you down!! beautiful
mama! :)

Pamela Anderson says:

Exercise or not, after twins your body will never be the same. Extra loose
skin ect. You can see that her boobs are like sponges, tucked in the bra,
not very attractive. So definitely needs a boob job. Ladies, dont destroy
your bodies with twins. One at a time.

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