China : Pregnant 2 year old boy gives birth parasitic twin removed from inside his stomach

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A two-year-old boy from Huaxi, has undergone an operation to give ‘birth’ after doctors diagnosed him as ‘pregnant’.
Xiao Feng, was brought to hospital after his stomach had become so distended that he had begun to suffer breathing difficulties.

Once admitted, doctors took x-rays and MRI scans and discovered that Feng was carrying the undeveloped foteus of his own twin inside his stomach and they rushed him to surgery.

The removed foetus measured 20 cm in width and had a fully formed spine and limbs, including fingers and toes.
The parasitic twin would have developed into a boy and had grown so large that almost 2/3rds of his affected twin’s stomach was taken up.

Identical twins form when an egg splits in half after fertilization.

But conjoined twins or foetus-in-foetu siblings occur when the egg fails to fully separate.

Dr Jonathan Fanaroff, a neonatologist at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, said some conjoined twins can survive as ‘parasites’, but not when one twin absorbs the other.

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Corey Krichbaum says:

It might just be fake footage just for subscripers and likes. Cause its all

Giovanni Ramirez says:

WTF CHINA!!! (I’m not trying to be racist btw)

Bd Jf says:

China : Pregnant 2 year old boy gives birth paras…:

addison1977 says:

Um, so it’s in his stomach? How does it breathe? Get nutrients? There’s no
amniotic fluid, no umbilical cord. Plus the acid in our stomachs would have
dissolved this thing in short time, anything organic won’t last long in our
stomachs. The list is endless. 

LPS Cloudsflake says:

1. What the bloody fucking hell A 2 YEAR OLD!!!


Peter Tan says:

Boys dont have periods or vagina, and this must have happened because this
boy’s parents must have had a disease during giving birth to him or the
genes might be messed up…

Tina Nichols says:

Bull shit

Skywarp's Maiden says:

What is up with the AI voice?

funkywoofwoof says:

And your God does this why???

Gordon Freeman says:

Made in China….

al jordan says:

China : Pregnant 2 year old boy gives birth paras…:

mochaIluv says:

Gave Birth? Uh no!

Reenae Alexandria Nicolle Franceschi Schneider says:

Nothing in china is impossible! Made in china hahah

jeel leej says:

i dont belive or idolized china ever!!!

Ebony St says:

i am sory for you

Amber Kitchans says:

Things can happen like that it happens when the eggs don’t fully separate
its not a fake video 

Jørn Nerhus says:

ok so men cant or is very very rarely pregnant and that boy is pregnant but
the thing is… hes 2 fucking years old! a boy that is pregnant and is 2
years old!?

Bongtasia says:

It’s NOT Fake. Get your head out of the gutter, his twin was born inside
him. .. If you can listen before jumping to conclusions that is. 

Keyala Boyd says:

how the hell……what the hell am I looking at

Crystal Allen says:

Omg this boy looks like he his pregnant 4 yeer old wow they can get
pregnant at that age I wish

Linette Davelaar says:

Erg dat een twee jarige jongen die heb een baby in zijn buik

Boulevardcreek says:

Da fuq did the parents let it get this bad before they took him to the

Cecilia Jones says:


cary lama says:

wtf this must be fake

dany boulter says:

omg that is so sad poor we baby i wonder how it felt for him as a little bo
to go through so much pain like tht nawh poor little boy wish it was me not
him i would do anything to help him from going through tht i wouldnt let my
kids have tht happen to them

Jen Netzlaw says:

Ok so first of all hes 2 and second well I gues thats it he is a u know he
boy male and giving birth

Brittney Beauchamp says:

wait i don’t think he was technically ‘pregnant’ because he wouldn’t have
a uterus ’cause he is a boy, so when they say “in his stomach” i think they
actually mean in his stomach

Elaine Pagnani says:

Hey mean doucebags stop judging the parents. They were not sure what was
wrong. The good thing was the little boy was operated on and is now ok.
Stop judging other parents. No one is perfect!

Giovanni Ramirez says:

WTF CHINA!!! (I’m not trying to be racist btw)

Destiny Jones says:

its not fake its a parasite that got mixed with hes genes people

Crystal Allen says:

Rhis is so fake 

Crystal Allen says:

This is so sd omg

Lee and Kenny says:

Kenny: OH FUCK! parasites!? Oh noo noooo no no no NO!!!! I have a fear of
parasites and now there are Parasites and worms on the videos next to me.

jaames qi says:


Janiskay kay says:

Is this a prank?

Joshua Randolph says:


Martin Magana says:

Poor baby

ibu bunyati says:

oh my god ….!

mer isa says:

Weird part of youtube i guess

Angela Le says:


MrRandy494 says:


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