Bun in the Oven – L.A. Comedy Shorts Music Video

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Five pregnant hotties doing a little baby bump ‘n grind.
Directed by Gary Anthony Williams, Jeannie Roshar and Laura Merians
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****LYRICS: You say you like your shorties nice and plump
Well ain’t nothing plumper than a baby bump
Listen up, y’all Busta Brothers
Wanna be a real mother fu*%er then fu*% a real mother.

Hell to the yeah I got some baby fat,
But mostly I’m just fat, where my baby’s at
So move that baby over boy and get with that
Time for you to feed the chubby kitty cat. No strings attatched.
(what) I ain’t sick, eight months pregnant and my belly’s thick
Put your nutz on my gut, you can feel him kick
I ain’t craving pickles – Yo, I’m craving dick. Trick.

Gotta bun in the oven, So get with the lovin’
Before I start pushing, You need to start shovin’
Got one month to go so, don’t take it slow
Gotta a bundle in my belly and a fire down below

No need to take me on a dinner date
My areolas are the size of dinner plate.
Go downtown daddy but beware
‘cuz I can’t see to shave no hair, it’s a jungle down there.
Don’t sweat me like I’m some psychotic
I’m just hopped up on the juice and the juice is amniotic
Speaking of juice, if you’d like a golden shower,
With this baby on my bladder, I pee twenty times an hour.

I roll hard, G, I’m a pregnant Blitzkrieg
The crew that I roll with, La Leche League
It’s like the Godfather, And I’m Al Pacino
But I don’t spray bullets, I spray milk for cappuccinos

Gotta bun in the oven, so get with the lovin
Before I start pushin, you need to start shovin
Got one month to go so don’t take it slow
Gotta a bundle in my belly and a fire down below

The clock is going tic-toc, so c’mere with that big jock.
I’m already knock-knock, this baby ain’t no co*k-block,
I’m thick, I’m round, I got some triple D Mounds.
So get it up and get down, I’m the newest MILF in town

Hey, look at that Mommy, look at that tummy,
Look at those ta-tas, sho nuff yummy.
Look at that junk in the trunk, baby’s got back, baby’s got front!

Gotta bun in the oven, so get with the lovin
Before I start pushing you need to start shovin
Got one month to go so don’t take it slow
Gotta a bundle in my belly and a fire down below

So…how about a quickie?

BELOW Mothers need some lovin. Expectant mothers expect a whole lot more.
Starring Jeannie Roshar and a lot of pregnant women.

Directed by Gary Anthony Williams, Laura Merians & Jeannie Roshar
Written by Jeannie Roshar & Gary Anthony Williams
Music by Nick Jameson
Produced by the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival, Buddies Hollywood and Snehal Patel
Jeannie Roshar
Gary Anthony Williams
Navaris Darson
Jeremy Rowley
Kate Higgins
Ilana Turner
Laura Rossi
Ryan Higman

Cinematographer: Laura Merians
Editor: Scott Fuselier
Associate Producer: Bhavna Devani
Female vocals:
Jeannie Roshar
Melique Berger
Kate Higgins
Choreography by Lindsey Glick
Wardrobe by Ebone Dorsey
Make-up by Samantha McCue

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Bubbacentral says:

I can get with that

Tom Carruthers says:

It’s So Right… It makes me wanna be prego

pinkkflamingo says:

oh lord im pregnant and this video is soo funny

LumpySpaceKitten says:

Ew wtf no 

Viktorija Ostapenkaite says:

This is so wrong

Rey Robles says:

Another comment that I would like to make, is that the woman in the zebra
print looks like she really doesn’t want to be in that video, and would
rather be doing something else.

Mateo Booker says:

One of them is my wife

Dreamkid7 says:

I wanna bang the leader so muchhhh

Rey Robles says:

The woman that’s in the blue sports bra (in the video she’s the one with
the curly brown hair that’s to the right of the lead singer) doesn’t look
as pregnant as the others. She looks like a combo of chubby and pregnant.
Because of what her pregnant stomach looks like in the video, I just want
her to get pregnant so that I can have her do the dance in this video
throughout her entire pregnancy.

Caleb Blair says:

You look so good when you are pregnant come to my house dress like that
Jeanie Roshar 

Dreamkid7 says:

I wanna make them all pregnant and moosh there all hot I fuckin love them
and all naked at my house moosh army!!!!!!

Mousefartz says:

◕ ‿ ◕

MonazParties says:


Jaila says:

wait how does this video relate to olga???

Michael S. says:

Am I the only one who thinks the white dude is unconvincing as a gangsta?

3bar says:

She’s pregnant and she’s wearing boots! It doesn’t get any better!!!!

David Rivera says:

Pergo pussy is the best pussy lol

shakwala perkins says:

love that video <3

shilohd67 says:

Those ladies are sexy

kalai131 says:

no lol, I tell you a tip most guys won’t tell you, next time you take a
shit, have a guy accompany you, and tell him to fuck you in the ass to make
the poop come out, most guys if not all, secretly love doing this to a girl

iornmase says:

Et fudge is this

Thegoodpig1 says:

with big boobies

denzil charnock says:

awesome better than some professional singer luv it go girl you got it

Isabel Markov says:


Becky Budden says:

To funny

derpy duck says:


Caleb Blair says:

All of you look hot pregnant

samuel Leroy says:

i really wanna have sex with the red head. she looks so beautiful!!

OneDirectionHamster says:


joshua nance says:


Carol Cabral says:

Love this video!

jey rivera says:

i want to have sex with them

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