Beyonce FAKED her pregnancy! Bikini pics fake! Beyonce NOT pregnant! MORE PROOF!

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Beyonce is a fake and she is now busted. Fake Fake Fake.Don’t believe? The video speaks for itself!


206original says:

No hate to Beyonce or Jay-Z but I think they used a surrogate! This video
proves it for me. I think they used Jay’s sperm b/c Blue Ivy has ALOT of
his features. Maybe Bey couldn’t conceive naturally, but did she really
need a fake baby bump! She could have kept it 100 (my opinion)

LaBelleObamafan4life says:

How many of y’all assholes actually watched her HBO special where she
showed her naked stomach while being pregnant. Y’all did exactly what she
wanted y’all to do. Beyonce not dumb, she knew allot of people would buy
her HBO special just to see her stomach to see if she was really pregnant
or not. That’s why she continues to make money off of dumb, idiotic people
like yourselves. :)…And as far as the video, her stomach did not flatten,
her dress came up around the area of her stomach. Gosh y’all sound so

stephanie smith says:

An now it’s come out that a woman gave birth to beyonces baby lol

Cole Art says:

When you’re pregnant your stomach doesn’t do that. It’s either a weird
angle or she was faking. But why fake it? That makes zero sense!

SexiiSnickerss5 says:

I think she was pregnant but she wasn’t showing a baby bump , so she had to
put a fake baby bump on until she grew her’s . Then she took it off when
her belly started to grow bigger . . 

backdraft6290 says:

Why is this even a debate? She admitted to using a surrogate. Fucking

Rama Moe says:

I think she got a surrogate mother to have hers and Jay-z baby, there’s
nothing wrong with that because its her right but why would she lie about
it and pretend that she’s actually pregnant, never liked her, she seems
very fake.

latinoeastbay says:

well i do not mind if she used a surrogate to have a baby, but why lie
about it, that is what makes it worse, she lies about everything, she said
she has never participated at any presidential galas only OBAMA;s when she
was an opening act for BUSH (yes she is a closet republican) then she says
she write songs when she does not and so on…. she keep lying and the
idiot super fans are not seeing that.

Shiloh Pessoa says:

okay im sorry but the little montage at the end made me laugh so hard. omg
sorry not sorry

Justin Tompkins says:

Never saw a stomach do that. 

Gisele Castro says:

LOL!! Oh wow she’s got mental issues to do that.. What a fruit cake!

Alex Kubetin says:

I’m 7 months pregnant & pregnant bellies do not do that, however I watched
this a few more times & I do think that that was simply the material of her

PaulaSB12 says:

She was wearing a very loose fitting dress that folded when she sat. Fake
pregnancy bellies tend to be solid and wouldnt bend

Martel Agnew says:

That wasn’t even her!

Sharde Jones says:

Lol then she looks up like oh Shit

Shelly Smith says:

Thats clearly a maternity dress thats why it looked that way, and Second a
fake baby bump is hard. Third, I didnt know all women sit down the same
during pregnancy. Beyonce carried her child. People are so petty.

Rachel Gilmore says:

This is for all the haters…

Cameras can play tricks on the eyes. Perhaps is was just her dress moved.
Picture though… she’s naked. So I think it’s real!

gontse rametsi says:

No baby can bend in that way
Lmfao. Whoever believe bey was preg is stupid

Ramennoodlegod says:

i think solange was herr surrogate ? maybe that explains the whole Jay-z
attack thing?

krystlekrystle100 says:

Ya looks fake to me

Julio Chino Martinez says:

her face after she sat down is priceless!!!! its like:”o shit !! i screwed
up!” XD

graciana33 says:

Do u know how many more women would HAVE related to her if she just told
the truth about her not being able to conceive?! But because she is a
narcissist and wants to control how the world thinks of her she had to
pretend she was still a perfect women. But look how god exposed her. You
can fool some of the people some of the time but u can’t fool all the the
people all the time!

chuck wick says:

Woman don’t sit down like that when pregnet for one,and for 2 this is one
of the strangest things iv ever seen on youtube.

cianna rivera says:

And beyonce is really pregnant

nudimud forty says:

Doesnt look like B to me

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