baby moving inside tummy.AVI

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Meeka Dee says:

I was going through this last night…Lol feels funny!!!

ertz141 says:

for a moment I thought the baby would pop out of your belly

nana penang says:

im scared :'(

Lillian Snow says:

that awesome!i´m 33 weeks pregnet, but i just feel the baby moving,but
can´t see something outside…

Emily Jane leighton porter says:

this is so fascinating Nature is Beautiful

sweeetbacon says:

Lol that’s such a load of bullshit saying adopted kids are loved more than
biological ones. You have to be joking or trolling.
If I adopted sure I would love it but I sure as hell couldn’t love it
nearly as much as the baby who grew inside of me for 9 months who I felt
move and hiccup and rubbed every day, who I gave birth to.

سعود فهد says:
shammaya gouldburne says:

thats cool

Turner Clan says:

One of the DUMBEST comments on youtube and that’s saying a HELL of a lot

Ordinary Citizen says:

Alien 😀

OurLittleBfamily says:

Stomach muscles for sure..

Lünk says:

dat is awesomeeeee

Red says:

You sir are fucking retarded…

TrueRebornMommy says:

excuse me?!? I adopted BOTH my girls! One was a cat who i raised since 7
weeks and is eight years old and i have a REBORN BABY who i adopted. DO NOT
then anything in this world until you feel a mothers love dont you tell
someone they dont love their adopted kids. I love my daughters my Reborn
and my cat. I am a mother of two and proud as well!

FMAfanFMA says:

She’s contracting her muscles to get him to move…

Chloe Spencer says:


Alice Hutchins says:

Does it hurt?

TrueRebornMommy says:

You know what guys. My daughters did not come from my belly they came from
my heart and if you ask me thats what being a mother is all about.I rescued
my babies

Leigha Drake says:

You said it much better then I did lol. I tried to be informational but
honestly someone that horrible probably couldn’t even process what I wrote.
I don’t know how some people have made it through their lives long enough
to operate a computer.

hunterintrenchcoat says:

why does this make me feel painful?

live4danceify says:

How did I get here I went from annoying sounds to ummm baby’s moving in

shooglechic says:

Of course, because it hurts like hell when they move their whole body so
she seizes up a bit.

azimahbtesubadi says:


Ciiizy94 says:

Damn, who knew that a nurse could be hot!



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