Baby Moving in Tummy

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victurys says:


ckd1011 says:

your cool

Tiffany Schmidt says:


poppylovesmax says:

god me soon im soo scared !

Kevin Frontz says:

Cute belly.

johnny koski says:

i hope to have a healthy baby!Good Luck!

marriah3330 says:

Man, I miss that feeling sooo much! I too still get phantom movements and
there is nothing inside me anymore. How wierd is that!

sherisse thompson says:

omg thats so cool!!! 😀

pendletonivy says:

Greatest feeling in the world!

aRaBidBuNnY says:

haha its havin a nightmare, its like “get me outta this hell hole!!”

LyeLye says:

23 weeks and starting to feel the bumps and stuff, when i put my 7 year
olds hand on my belly his face lit up when it moved. Was so cute.

cheynrane20 says:

WOW .. this is incredible i memeba dat time 4 me ..

karen321 says:

wow your baby is kicking alot haha

TakeXawayX says:


Randolpjohnson says:

oh goodness dat was da weirdest thing ever never seen nuttin like it

HaRdCoR3sCeN3 says:

omg, wow!!! most people say it hurts wen it moves but that is jes weird im
pregnant too. 5months nd 14years of age Haha, thats funny that wen yoh tell
it to move it can listen nd know what your saying ahahaha

gogugogu says:

so fucking scarry

DrunkenMonkey016 says:

Oh my =o thats so amazing

kevnat123 says:

i cant wait for this when i get pegnant but im only 17 and thats too young

Carson Coley says:


bianca507 says:


Lucian Vasile says:

hilarious xD

Amy Vue says:

seems like it could just pop outta your belly button.. wow

Julia Arsenault says:

Wah! that’s SOOOOO amazing!

unique216 says:


mcgtlg says:

That is so cool. That was the best part about being pregnant :) But that
child has a lot of energy now :)

missright45 says:

that looks wierd,but someday i want to feel that same feeling

justinbeiberlover159 says:

Thats has to HURT :(

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