Baby almost kicking out of mothers stomach

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Marie Griffin says:
BurningMarmite says:

Proud to be a man :)

ChocolateThunder551 says:

How the hell did i get here?!

DefyGravity464 says:


domainestickem says:

thats just gas

Ben Hurley says:

that looks like an alien is inside 😛

Dennis Gehrling says:


asiis1000 says:

awwwwww sooo cute, i also like the tiny little feet and shoes that babys

Jocey G says:

What happens to her

Meedoo Phile says:

hurray for us guys!!! =D

Matt Latterell says:

i remember those days… those were the best 9 months of my life, then i
came out, and my mom who was 16 at the time almost had me aborted… i
fought just like this,

gtstriker19 says:

@frostytheaussie reminded me of Alien movie too.

Komixiarz says:

Dafuk i just wached

Sweetcommando says:

punch it

Steve27775 says:

You probably shouldn’t watch the first Alien movie.

Cristina Alvarez says:

Huge belly

June Bug says:

I enjoy seeing that, I remember that before my son was born. I thought that

Liam Donoghue says:

impregnanted by crocop

Zanarkke says:

Why did she eat her child!?

Mobbingsocke says:

It wants to be born now!

Haimy Ly says:

“I wanna get owk!”

OurLifeOnFilm4110 says:

@mythia21 idk if she answered ya yet but i’m 37 weeks i felt my baby really
kick around 5 months it was gently little bumps but now they are alot hard
hurt a little sometimes but not really that bad :)

Alexstar1250 says:

@drtyda are you crazy??? chuck norris created himself

Noah Gilbert says:

shes eaten somebody !! *help, get me out *

SuperYoshi456 says:

The baby is going to make is own seasection

animeswitch says:

thats fucking discusting, i glad im a guy so i aint got somthing growing
inside me.. fuck

DibSpicahGal says:

Oh yeah, this isn’t like the movie “Alien” at all.

lilnicky120590 says:

does it hurt?? im 21 weeks n now seeing what im in for!

Abbie Tollefson says:

I like how the description says “pretty” X)

PrettySkll1984 says:


Danyo Y says:

baby’s don’t grow in a stomach.

lalalynnsey says:

What the heck is that real?!

diggit03 says:


RHTbluetrokadriver says:

Kool video!

elmo walker says:


kathrineprescott says:

@KailebArt wow a LOT of people don’t have thumbs

Guy Eshel says:

Holy Crap! The kid gonne be a soccer player!

Enelear Tangiora says:

Real cool

hgib3 says:

@lilnicky120590 Sometimes when the baby kicks like that it is a little bit
uncomfortable but normally they are readjusting inside to another position
and they settle back down. My kids didn’t push on me like that though. I
was more concerned that they didn’t try stretching out to hard near the end
of my pregnancies so I wouldn’t pee on myself (they were big babies).

Shack11 says:


AnubisXx says:

that was awesome

shammadamma says:

@boblobbyfart What’s gross about it?

ginjaman13 says:


memofasho says:


Angel887107 says:

oh my!!

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