9 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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brandyywinee says:

haha you’re going to look back on this video and laugh about how tiny you
are here. Ehk! So excited for you!

Taylor Rumsey says:

Was your belly button ever completely flat (meaning you didn’t really have
it because it followed the curve of your stomach) when you were pregnant
with Lilia? My friend is pregnant and hers is flat! It’s so strange but
it’s kinda cute :)

drewilliams17 says:

you like really need your own show this is like tv….

MzAngel says:

@3lin123 Obstetrician

Sammy W says:

I know this is random, but awww cute little baby bump^^ i think that is
just the cutest thing.

Twinkle Little star says:

Omg twins I am expecting my 4th son. The last one was a twin pregnancy I
almost died.

susie veliz says:

I had problems to see an ob too all fixed when I was 31wks it was bs but in
the end it was all good I guess

michaelaBeckford says:

I have been watching your videos since you were 8 weeks pregnant with
Lilia. I have to say your videos have given me an entirely new perception
on teen mothers. I am so lucky I found your videos <3

thasupastar1600 says:

Your wedding day is the same day as my baby shower! Yay! :)

CFalnodsys says:

I thought his name was Gabe

bambie8201 says:

Congrats I cant belive your already having another baby. I just watched you
first baby videos, lol. at least this time I will get to watch them as you

trumpetSL08 says:

I think its a boy and a girl :)

Krista Durbin says:

Your wedding is on my due date!!! :)

lovins88 says:

@lifeshomework Well honestly I had to wait like 7 weeks before I could have
sex again because I had stitches and I could have swore that I was sew 2
times to small. I had to get very drunk before we could do it because the
pain was unbearable. But on the plus side my husband tells me I am tighter
and It feels better than when he took my virginity lol sorry for the TMI
but that was all the truth.

Katiehead says:

@xXnayeliXxX okay i didn’t know that. thanks for clearing it up

JayCee's Journal says:

CONGATULATIONS ON THE UPCOMING WEDDING!!!! oh and you said u bought your
dress already was that with estimating how big you are going to be?

teasingtoplease42 says:

congradulations on the wedding:) my due date is actually november 12th. lol.

alyshajoanne94 says:

how many weeks are you now? i think im just a little bit further ahead then

Lillian Sanchez says:

What happen to ur week update viedos!? :'(

no says:

I’m pretty sure she meant she has the dress picked out, but will have it
fitted closer to 11/11

ashleeyv says:

You should be able to see your old doctor! -Generally- they don’t throw
patients files out until six years and last time I checked it wasn’t six
years ago you went! I’d go back and ask to speak to the doctor or something
because you shouldn’t be considered a new patient unless you have a
different insurance then last time!

mexicanrockmum says:

your really showing !!! i like your videos a lot it is like if i am seen my
self im 19 with a toddler boy , and tommorrow im gonna be 8 or 9 weeks
pregnant , my simptoms are like yours i cant sleep with out a pillow in
there , i have no appetite but i am always hungry , my feet hurt, my belly
looks like a 4 months belly , i am vomiting least than my first pregnancy
but i cant stand any odor , oh and also in the mornings i dont wanna wake
up i sleeps like two or three more hours than normal

06mayella says:

My appoinment of 31w 5d is the 20th too!!!!Lol

cyane30 says:

Aw! I can’t tell you how happy I am for you and your growing family Jess!
Can’t wait to see your pics of the wedding I have no doubt you’ll make a
beautiful bride! You totally deserve some happiness girl! For all you give
of yourself its nice to finally see you getting some of that awesome karma
back! Congrats!

rebornsnugglelove says:

@CFalnodsys gabe is lillia’s father. and drake is her fiance and the father
of the twins.

jennymeister says:

YAY for wedding vlogs!!!!! I’m getting married in feb so I’m alllllllll
about the wedding! BRING ON THE BRIDEZILLA!!! hahahahahaha.

6lph says:

what are the names you like for either gender???

IFireandIce says:

@Starsonedge I saw this, and FORCED myself not to look at the comments

Natasha Redman says:

wont your belly be bigger in two months and you probably wont fit into the


@GabeandJesss Don’t stress….I’ve been married over a year and we still
don’t have rings, lol. My C-section cost thousands even with insurance

sarahpinkstar89 says:

you look so pretty in this video – blonde REALLY suits you! congratulations
on everything, I love watching your videos :)

Ashley Skye says:

omgggggggggggggg two jessica ! girl how are you taking this ! omg omg omg
omg i watched you through out my whole pregnancy lmao & im in total shock.
i mean i was shocked about the 2nd pregnancy but twins too ? lol oh bless
your heart im so proud of you and i know you can do it,

Debi L.A. says:

Are you worried about not seeing a DR for this long? I hope all goes well
at your appointment. I hope you you and Drake the best on your wedding and

Mabzt2917 says:

I as just having a look at your pictures of your last pregnancy on FB, and
I think you were bigger last time!!! Oh well only time will tell. You are
looking beautiful as ever miss =) Best of luck on the wedding plans.

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