8 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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I’m definitely feeling a lot more pregnant now! I threw up for the first and second time yesterday and got an ultrasound a few days back revealing TWINS! Enjoy!

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Farah Aziz says:

So you prepare the kids with the furniture’s and stuff !

weirdsall says:

@AliJaeJR hey… i just woke up and when you type in all caps the voice in
my head that reading is yelling so if you could tone it down a little
thanks (dont read this in like a mean tone but like a groggy tone of a
person that just woke up and has to go to middle school in an hour)

Sally Perry says:

Can you do some videos with drake in them I know with ur first pregnancy u
tryed to get gave in some of ur update videos but he didn’t seem to into it
but I think drake would be

Kaylyn Bruckner says:

You should put all of your belly measurements under the video so we can see
how far you grow each week!

Michelle Charles says:

Congrats Jess!! I just gave birth to baby #4 7 weeks ago, July 17th! =)
Babies are such a blessing!

Cheesefreak12 says:

Does that automatically say “Hi Mom and Dad! There are two of us!” or did
they have to put that on there?

msladiejade says:

U look good for having twins

AliJaeJR says:


Elizabeth Hayy says:

Wow! Compare this to her very first vid (shes 8 weeks with lilia there) you
can tell she is much bigger than she was with lilia. Definantley twins!!!

GabeandJesss says:

@Cheesefreak12 The “Hi Mom and Dad” was automatic but she typed in the 2 of
us part =)

MommyCouture21 says:

You’re 8 weeks and I have 8 weeks left. 8 weeks left of pregnancy videos
for me… :)

tvqueen1905 says:

love your new youtube banner next to subscribe button

stephanie jarmin says:

this was made on my birthday.

taraalone says:

the add on the side is for my hometown :) I clicked it like 20 times lol

Annie Gallagher says:

Oh! You are growing! So happy for you and so excited to see your little
bundles of joy. =] oh and to find out what their sexes are. =]

MissLea922 says:

When i was pregnant with my 1st i had a hard time eating too and i was
loosing weight. So i ended up drinking slim fast drinks WITH my meals to
get the extra calories i needed. It seemed to help. Try those.

Tab Vlogs says:

Are they fraternal twins or identical?

manduhxo says:

@brookenbri that also depends on what you do after and your own metabolism.
i went right back down to my pre pregnancy weight, and was over the
“supposed to” weight that she stated. I’m not saying we should gain as much
or as little as we want. I’m saying that each person will differ and being
as she is looked up to for advice, she shouldnt state it as “supposed to”.
that is something between the mom and the doctors (and baby!) :)

heather ramsay says:

My husband & I talked about “when we get married” not IF like…2 weeks
after we started dating. We got married 3 1/2 yrs later… We prob would
have done it sooner, but we had to get finances in order. Now, weve been
married for 2 years & our daughter makes a family of 3. :) So I totally get
why you & drake are getting married so soon after dating. When you know,
you know!

lily moeller says:

i like your hair

Jessica G says:

@GabeandJesss Oops mine was April 9th.. but unfortunately I miscarried last
night at 10 weeks. It’s so heartbreaking as it was my first, but I will
still follow your journey and wish you all the best.. mine time will come
again soon. Take care of yourself! :)

flashdanceluver says:

*Lilia and she was 17 and 18 when she gave birth

MissWannie says:

Congrats on the twins!!! I got married last year November 13th. I was 7
months pregnant. It was a small wedding but very nice. I also watch all you
old pregnant videos while I was pregnant.. :)

TeenMom2009 says:

I hate being pregnant and throwing up, I feel bad for u :/

Megan C says:

In one of your q& videos you mention that you get payed by people clicking
on the adverts. Does this mean we can help by clicking on every add on your
video and numerous times? I’m sure there are lots of people like me wanting
to help a deserving person like you

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