8 weeks Pregnant + Baby Belly ❤ (baby flutters?)

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Thank you everyone for your well wishes! We are beyond excited!
**I realize Im very skinny! Ive been tall 5’7 & skinny since high school, nothing new, no need to judge on how skinny or big someone is, im healthy, I eat…that’s all that matters.


kristal hendricks says:

5w3d today! love the blog makes me excited for whats to come!!!
-one happy momma!



tweetybell911 says:

one thing i suggest for u this helped my mom when she was preg wit me and
my sister is get a body pillow

Tiffany Kayxo says:

yeah a regular king pillow works the same for me :)

fairyluvnectar14 says:

Different women feel movement at different times. As you have more
pregnancies you start to detect the movement sooner. Also women with less
body fat in the tummy feel movement a lot sooner since there is less
between baby and belly. Tiffany is def in both of these categories :)

Megan Newcomer says:

Yay! You get more and more gorgeous every time you come on camera! :d xoxo

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Actually I know my body pretty well and I know for a fact it was the
baby…just sayin 😉

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Thank you! Dont mind my baby brain haha :)

Tiffany Kayxo says:

HI Mary, I got it and re added you on my new one :) that one is in the
process of being deleted :) Thank you so much, means a lot!

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Aww thank you!! And congrats to you :) :) thanks for letting me know about
your channel would love to follow your journey!! <33

Mary Pilla says:

hi tiffany i sent you a friend request on fb, i really love your videos so
i hope you accept me. i share a fb with my boyfriend so it will show up as
Mary and Isaac. i hope you add me

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Aww! this is all so new to me, I never had so many problems with my others
:/ but they say every baby is different, its totally worth it tho :)
hopefully the second tri will be much better! Thanks so much! <33

TheInfertileFiles Vlogs says:

congrats on the baby! I’m not far behind you on the due dates :) I’ll be
following your journey. Hope you follow mine. I just started vlogging myself

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Thank you so much :) very sweet of you <3

hannahbanana093 says:

Omg I hated to brush my teeth early in my pregnancy too, the taste of the
toothpaste made me wanna gag!!!

Tiffany Kayxo says:

lmao!! You are hilarious!! Yeah except mine taste like a really nasty
medicine taste, that makes me sick and wont go away :(

Tiffany Kayxo says:

omggggg that is SO awesome!! Congrats to you!! And thank you so much!! Woo
Hoo go Tiffanys!!! <33

anditsbecca says:

you were 30 1/2 last time :)

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Yeah I cant stand the taste, make me feel so sick! I try to get stuff with
lots of flavor so I dont taste it as much lol its okay I get baby brain all
the time..I feel so out of it with my memory 😛

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Thank you lady!! xoxoox <33

Brooklyn Whidden says:

Bless your heart!! I am 20 weeks (tomorrow) and am STILL dealing with a lot
of the things you mentioned (Rash, Side boob pain, breaking out and
dizziness). Hopefully you get some relief soon. But, with us having
previous kids, we know its only going to get worse from here on out. (this
is my 3rd as well) But, its all worth it in the end! Love your vids!

hannahbanana093 says:

I love your hair here! So happy for you :)

Addicted2beauty88 says:

Not to be rude but I highly doubt it was your baby moving at 8 wks juss

Tiffany Kayxo says:


Sagacious Marie says:

You are lucky that you just get a nasty taste in your mouth when you brush
cause with me brushing my tongue makes me gag cause I’m sensitive and if i
gag its all over i throw up… and thanks to pregnancy brain ( I’m 16
weeks) i can’t remember the other thing i was gonna comment on. It will
randomly come to me and I’ll comment again lol

Alexandra Gianni says:

8 weeks?it dosent even show, i thought i am pregnant but was side effects
from injection, and looks i am more pregnant than you hahahah

Tiffany Kayxo says:

Awww so sweet! Thank you girl! <333

Beauty by Srena says:

ur so sweet! really nice to see a happy couple!! Congrats and best wishes
for huny!!

Tiffany Kayxo says:

yeah it sucks! Ive even tried different kinds, makes me so sick :/

Tiffany Kayxo says:

I agree with you 100% :) This is my 3rd so im pretty sure I know what baby
movement is and what is not :) Thank you <33

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