7 Weeks Pregnant! | Hyperemesis? Twins? Belly Shot

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Here are the highlights from my 7th week of pregnancy.

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4 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/MK9sKY-AWFs?list=UUKJFe-DPrbvrwmVKu3tkyGA
5 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/7Wgg1yFPDGc?list=UUKJFe-DPrbvrwmVKu3tkyGA
6 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/rBegYC9ODgk
7 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/Ryv939RnhO8?list=UUKJFe-DPrbvrwmVKu3tkyGA
8 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/TaaJYVc_rHg?list=UUKJFe-DPrbvrwmVKu3tkyGA


itsJudysLife says:

congrats on your second pregnancy! I was so excited to see this vid in my
feed. I loved watching your pregnancy vlogs while I was pregnant with JB
too ^_^

Anyway, hope you get better soon. It seems like you may either have a boy..
or yes, twins!

Sarah Louise says:

Aw Alyssa : ( I’m really sorry you’re so sick. That seriously sucks. I
can’t even imagine. You should have someone at your doctors office call
your insurance company and get them to cover all your zofran. I used to
work at a doctors office and we could normally negotiate things with the
insurance company. 

Samantha Lynn says:

I hope it gets better soon and is just a really bad week. I get hyperemesis
with my pregnancies so I know exactly how you feel and I am amazed you
managed to get a video up. 

LittleMissCrista says:

hahaha, twins would be sooooo awesome though 

mtheta says:

Oh my gosh!! Twins would be crazy, but hopefully this just means it is a
boy 😉 hang in there lady!

mraecrossman says:

Girl I’m so sorry you are having such a hard time! I actually was diagnosed
with hyperemesis with my pregnancy. I was puking pretty much everything I
ate or drank from like 6 weeks all the way till about 20 weeks and then it
subsided. I lost over 20 lbs and had to go to the hospital for an iv at one
point. I did get prescribed zofran but i didn’t feel like it helped. I felt
nausea pretty much till delivery but at least i was able to eat after about
20 weeks. Hopefully you get some relief a lot sooner than that cuz i know
it sucks. Anyway, point is not to scare you but let you know my baby girl
is perfectly healthy. It know it’s scary feeling like your depriving your
baby but they’ll take what they need from you even if you feel like crap.
:/ Praying you feel better soon! 

Alliemamabear says:

Hope baby gives you a break from the nausea soon! I’ve been there and it’s
terrible. I went in for IV fluids every couple weeks till I got on the
zofran when I was pregnant with Evelynn. I remember not wanting to move my
head much either or I’d yak. Hang in there girl!

choubleubh says:

I don’t know if you have HG. I had it and had to double the dose of zofran
and take it every 4 hours or i would continuously puke. Eating only
happened when i forced it. I’m so sorry you’re sick though, I wish
everyone could just enjoy their pregnancies and not be so miserable :( I
hated it the whole time even though all I wanted was a baby. haha…the
world is funny that way

Karli Ouellette says:

So sorry you feel awful, hope you’re feeling better soon!!

crazybandy says:

Feel better soon! X

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