5 weeks pregnant with TWINS!!!!!!

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I want 5kids says:

OMG I’m so happy for you!!!!

supple fam says:

yes it is!! im still tryin to come to reality that there is two babies in
there… i think my husband took the news better then i did :)

Emily Valdez says:


supple fam says:

Well kwillamttc it is getting very difficult the further along I’m am
getting I’m 30 weeks now and I’ve made it thus far…. I just pray that I
can get thur till July 19th!! :)

supple fam says:

why thank you!! of course i would love to see your journey also :)

supple fam says:

thank you all, iim really excited and scared at the same time, but thanks
to all the wonderful comments :)

KimberlyBunk says:

I just watched your live pregnancy test video. I thought those test lines
were really dark for only 10 DPO and wondered if you were having twins! Now
I see I was right. Congrats! Hope your pregnancy is going great!

gabi Twinkies says:

YAY Congrats!!! Another twin pregnancy!!! Come follow my journey!!! Compare
symptoms!!! lol

kwilliamsttc says:

Congrats!!! Wow twins that’s awesome:) how are you gonna manage with twins
and nursing school? I know you can do it Chica!!!!

Adrianne Love says:

Congrats Lady! 2 wow what a surprise!

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